Community update #4 (weeks 52–1)

Dima Rusakov
Jan 9, 2018 · 4 min read

The Privatix team releases updates once every 2 weeks on Tuesdays. The next update will be published on 23 January 2018. The numbered calendar weeks can be found here. News and important announcements are published immediately.

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Team news

Owing to a rapid increase in our workflow, we have reassessed our company structure at the top-executive level and have realised that our CTO, Nikita Kuznetsov — our tech lead on Privatix VPN for many years, who was expected to lead Privatix Network development — will be able to contribute much more to the project by moving to another position, one that will be of equal benefit to our project and to his own personal goals.

Nikita will be staying with us and continuing to work on the project; however, he will now be devoting most of his time to working with top Ethereum developers on the future of this great blockchain. As of now, Nikita is moving to a senior technical advisory position on the Privatix Network while remaining in our R&D group.

The new Privatix Network CTO is A.Tseiytline . He has already been working full-time in his new position for several weeks. Andrei has extensive experience as a technical leader, having served as CTO in a number of Israeli companies.

From the very beginning, Andrei has been involved in our blockchain project in an advisory capacity, and now, after many conversations and much pleading from me, he has quite a great job in order to participate in our world-changing project and lead us to success.

Andrei graduated as a BSc engineer. Last month he, Nikita and the whole team were working hard on architecture planning, testing, coding, benchmarking, forecasting future technical risks, and ways to mitigate it.

His first post as CTO , will be posted next days and will cover some complicated issues that touch on the so-called “sybil attack”. You’re most welcome to read and get involved in the deeper technical discussion. Follow our updates.

PRIX integration into Privatix VPN

As you know, our Privatix VPN project will be a separate, dedicated unit, and as we published earlier, our intention is to keep the project working in order to accumulate more and more users and flip them once the blockchain solution is in place. It promises to give us enormous leverage and a huge advantage over our competitors.

In order to reward the community and test our PRIX token as utility one, we’ve decided to implement PRIX as a payment method for Privatix VPN Premium accounts.

Once we’ll finish our last tests and release it to production environment ( it will happen this week) — you will be able pay for a Privatix Premium account with PRIX, you will get a 50% discount in comparison to regular premium account prices in USD. Prices are adjusted according to coinmarketcap rates.

We believe it will create greater awareness among regular VPN users who know nothing about our blockchain activities, and it will also give a real utility to PRIX holders until we develop Privatix on Blockchain. VPN payment page ( sneak peek from test stage) . Production release in next days

Development progress

  • State channel contract inspired by Microraiden network contract written and tested in Robsten network in order to ensure state-channel suits our needs.
  • Container isolation on Linux systems full scale tested and best solution chosen. Determined optimal configuration.
  • Basic architecture specs improved and updated with related documentation


We are looking for professionals with more than 5 years’ experience in their own field and an acceptable level of English. We don’t hire juniors — sorry, but as a small company we don’t have the time required to invest in your education. Please contact us via

  • Experienced Python developers ( Middle, Senior )
  • Community management team (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English)
  • Electron experienced (Node.js, HTML, CSS)
  • JS/PHP/C# developers
  • Traffic obfuscation specialists
  • VPN protocol wizards & network engineers
  • Mobile & desktop software developers

Employee Referral Bonuses — 1000$

We are always looking for great hires, and you can help!

Refer qualified candidates, and if your candidate starts working on our team full-time, you will get a $1000 bonus. Minimum candidate working period is 90 days.

If you think you friends or former colleagues could work with us and share our values, tell them to send us their CVs to and mention your name.

Even if no specific vacancy is currently posted, if you think you can contribute, send us your CV.


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