Community update for January 2019 (including 0.20.0 release)

Throughout 2019, the team will be releasing updates once a month. The next update will be published between 1 and 10 March 2019. Important announcements and news will be published immediately.

Technology not legislation is the only way to implement Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
(Published in every Privatix publication / “Carthago delenda est”)

It has now been a month since we announced our major Beta release v.0.18.0, “Tim”, so we would like to share the latest news on the project’s progress and development during January.

Network status

First of all, a very big thank you to everyone who ran a node (Client) or tested our network as an Agent — even though we are basically on Testnet only.

The screenshot of

For now, we can definitely say that the core network software, both the Client and the Agent, is 100% viable and the concept has been fully validated on Ethereum Testnet.

With our core software, users were able to participate in the network as Agents and Clients and have currently transferred more than 165 GB of bandwidth.

It’s important to point out that the network is based on our core software components and does not contain any centralized server; everything is 100% autonomous and decentralized.

More than 265 Agents and 163 Clients used the network and made mutual payments.

The network status is available here:


Following Beta release 0.18.0, we have made quick improvements and bug fixes, which was published in 0.19.0 release. The changelog is available here .

New version | Beta release 0.20.0

The current 0.20.0 release is a major update of Privatix Beta starting from the 0.18.0.

The complete changelog and issues can be found on our GitHub here.

Major improvements in this release include enhanced onboarding (first launch wizard process) and the partial resolution of NAT/DNS issues.

It will now be much easier to run the software for testing purposes. We have implemented Testnet tokens, automatic transfers, and other time-saving features.

Please download our latest release → here!

NAT issues

Some of our users are still experiencing NAT/FIREWALL issues. The problem is well-known, and we make every effort to cover as many cases as we can.

However, in some cases, despite our efforts, the NAT issue is not always 100% solvable.

How do I know I have NAT issues?

  • If you are a Client and, after connection, your traffic is not going through (no internet);
  • If you are an Agent (running a node) and, after publishing an offering, you see that someone has accepted it, but no bandwidth has been calculated or paid.

You can use our port checker software to ensure all the ports are opened.

How to handle NAT issues?

  • Unfortunately, you will sometimes need to open ports in settings on your router/firewall. Google the router model + “how to open ports”.
  • Please use our tool to check whether the ports are available after you change the settings.

Help us

We need as much help as you can provide. Please participate in software testing, in exit node running, in code-review, and in any other way you can help the project. We need constructive criticism and real negative and positive feedback.

Send feedback

Please send any feedback including videos, screenshots and text notes to any of these channels: GitHub issues, our Telegram group, live chat on the website or email

Provide bugs and improve the code

If you’re a developer and you can provide us with quality feedback, identify issues (bugs) or contribute in any other way, please send us the details via GitHub. We will review all the issues and pull any requests you make.

Not a developer and want to contribute to our success?

A growing number of people from our community have been asking us what more they can do to help. Although they are not developers, they are eager to contribute in any other way they can, by spreading the word, for example, or helping with partnerships introductions.

We hereby declare that we are in absolute alignment with those of you who want to work, and we will endeavour to create a communications tool that will give you the tools you need to do exactly that.

Within the next week or two, we will be announcing how you can join the team and have more influence.

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