Important Announcement regarding Privatix Token Sale whitelist

After the successful Presale and as part of the preparations for the Token Sale, we received many applications from potential contributors wanting to participate in the whitelist.

Till this blog post date (October 8), we received more than 1,600 applications with an average request of 32 ETH. Total amount is around 50,000 ETH, which is almost 90% of our maximum goal (hard cap).

All these requests still need to be confirmed, but in the last few days we’ve seen 50–100 more applications arriving.

Today we begin the whitelist confirmation process, which will end 48 hours before the start of the Token Sale.


Whitelist closing date is 17 October 2017, 14:00 UTC.

Whitelist applications can be sent after this date, but Privatix cannot guarantee that they will be accepted.

Minimum contribution of 1 ETH, along with providing your name and country of residence.

Contributors of 20 ETH or more will be required to verify their identity and address by uploading the relevant documents.

Contributors from the USA, Singapore, Korea and the Republic of China cannot participate according the laws of those countries.

Accredited investors from the USA with 100K USD minimum investment may participate after a special approval procedure.

How to apply

1. Follow and sign up/sign in to the “dashboard” section.

2. If you plan to contribute more than 1 ETH, fill out your name, country, ETH wallet and ETH amount.

3. If you plan to contribute more than 20 ETH, fill out all the profile and upload the relevant documents.

4. Wait until the Privatix team checks and verifies your profile (it may take 24–72 hours).

5. Once verified you will receive a final approval email.


  • If you have already applied to the whitelist, just sign in to the dashboard with your email and password and follow the instructions. If you don’t remember your password, you can recover it.
  • Please provide us with only the ETH wallet for which you have private keys. The ETH should only be sent from the this ETH wallet only — and the PRIX will be allocated to this wallet.
  • Please do not use exchanges wallets ( i.e. Poloniex, Bittrex etc ) .


How can I check my whitelist status?

Log into the dashboard on and you will see your status.

If you receive more whitelist applications than the hard cap, what will happen?

We will close the whitelist before the scheduled closing time.

Can the hard cap be closed during the whitelist period?

Yes, but we will not overbook. The experience of other Token Sales shows us that ~80–85% of whitelisted users fulfill their right to buy tokens.

If you fill the hard cap in the whitelist period — so I can’t participate with less than 1 ETH ?

Basically yes. But, in practice, not all whitelisted users fulfil their right to buy tokens in the whitelist period. So when the Token Sale opens, there will be a chance for small contributors to participate with minimum 0.01 ETH.

Why do I need to send you documents?

As a part of KYC/AML procedures, we are required to know exactly who our contributors are. Only whitelist participants with more than 20 ETH are required to send us photo ID and proof of address. If you want to be whitelisted and contribute from 1 to 20ETH, you only need to provide just your name and country of residence.

Why do I need KYC/AML procedure for whitelist if I can buy tokens even if I’m not whitelisted?

Whitelisted contributors reserve their right to buy our tokens with 40% bonus guaranteed, without having to worry about the hard cap closing rapidly and having to participate in a “lottery”.

How do you check documents?

Our team verify information on uploaded files and filled-out profiles. They also carry out automatic checks on lists of sanctioned individuals and PEP’s (politically exposed persons).

But if you close almost all the amount during the whitelist period and everybody gets a 40% bonus, then basically there is no bonus for everybody. Is that correct?

Technically, that’s absolutely true. When everybody gets a bonus, there is no bonus. But that will only happen if we close the Token Sale fast which means that there’s a huge interest in the project itself. Once Privatix Tokens are listed on the exchanges, everyone who wanted to buy tokens and believes in us, will buy them anyway. The Token Sale is just the initial period, and the total supply is fixed.

If I want to change my contribution amount, what do I have to do?

Please send a request from a registered email to

Can I send BTC or any other crypto?

No, during the whitelist period, we only accept ETH.

!!! Warning message !!!!
Please be aware that Privatix team members and moderators of official communities WILL NOT be asking for contributions before the actual token sale date. These are phishing attempts by scammers, and should you encounter these messages in your inbox through direct messages, please report them to official team members or moderators in the community that you are most involved in.