Privatix Token Sale is starting today

Important announcement

We are happy to announce that our token sale is starting today ( 19 October ).

Starting time is : 14:00 (UTC) — Please do not send Ether before that time.

Token sale details

  • Min contribution amount : 0.01 ETH
  • Max contribution amount : unlimited / Hardcap
  • Rate : 0.01 ETH = 1 PRIX
  • Softcap : 3,350 ETH
  • Hardcap : 57,142 ETH

All PRIX tokens will be sent to you immediately, so please only use compatible wallets!

For each ETH in the first 48 hours of Token Sale, you will receive 100 PRIX + 40 PRIX as a bonus, so 140 PRIX in total!

Security measures

  • Smart contract address is published on our website ONLY —
  • For better security, the last 5 digits of our smart contract address and important announcements will be crossposted on following channels: 
    Telegram official news —
    Twitter — 
    Facebook —
  • Beware!! For your security, we are NOT sending contract address in chats or emails. If you receive smart contract address from anyone as a message or email — it’s a scam.
  • Do not send Ether from exchanges like Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken. Use compatible wallets only from this list.

How to participate in Token Sale

1. After starting time — Visit our website

2. Click on “CONTRIBUTE” button

3. Follow instructions and click on “CONTINUE”

4. Copy smart contract address and send your Ether with 300000 Gas Limit

5. Add custom token to see PRIX on your balance — tutorial

( Full tutorial available here )

If you have any question please contact us via website online chat , telegram or email