Share your bandwidth and earn even while sleeping: Privatix creates a marketplace for unused traffic

Many people pay for broadband but don’t use up their entire Internet plan as they work during the day, sleep at night, and download something really heavy only from time to time.

The Privatix company is building a platform where everyone can benefit from their underused bandwidth by sharing it with other users.

Problems that Privatix solves

The Privatix Network will solve the main problems facing the Internet today.

Internet censorship is growing stronger. The most striking example is China. Chinese users can’t reach thousands of websites including Google, Facebook, and western media. But censorship is present not only in China and as the Internet spreads to such countries as Cuba or Northern Korea more people will connect to the Web — and face restrictions on information access.

The Internet is not a safe place. Governments, big companies, and cyber criminals can watch our every step and intercept personal information.

Finally, the content on the Internet is getting heavier and the price for delivering it to the users is rising. You can get high-speed Internet at home but when you decide to watch an HD movie online it will still freeze a lot because the movie site can’t afford enough bandwidth for fast content delivery.

How the Privatix Network works

Those users who want to share their traffic offer part of their bandwidth for sale. We call them “agents”. “Clients” will use agents’ communication channels to access the Internet. Their data will be encrypted and their IP addresses will be hidden. The fact of using the Privatix Network will be undetectable.

Privatix will issue its own cryptocurrency PRIX to arrange payments between users. PRIX can be converted into other cryptocurrencies or “real” money. In the last case, the Privatix company will sell users’ PRIX and send them the money.

The Privatix concept has an important thing: aside from the network itself the authors have considered several applications. These proof of concept applications will show other developers an example of using the network’s potential for creating new services, support the project’s growth, and make it popular.

Potential users

The agents’ benefits are clear: everyone would like to earn some extra money selling spare Internet bandwidth. But they need buyers.

First of all, customers will come from the countries with strict Internet censorship as they will enjoy the opportunity to access unrestricted Internet through agents’ channels in free countries. Moreover, the Privatix company will create applications that will be interesting to:

- other developers. They will be able to embed an anti-censorship function in their products and to monetize their applications without ads or paid subscriptions: users will pay with their traffic which the application sells on the Privatix network.

- owners of websites with heavy content such as HD movies or online games. They will be able to buy traffic cheaper on the Privatix network than from hosting providers.

- VPN providers. Those will be able to use residential IPs as exit nodes instead of data centers’ addresses that are easy to detect and therefore block.

Project’s start-up and initial coin offerings (ICO)

In order to start the project Privatix will hold pre-ICO and ICO. If they are successful, the Privatix Network will start working in summer 2018. The project’s timeline, technical details, and the mechanism of users’ legal protection are covered in the White Paper.

Firstly Privatix announces the pre-ICO of a subtoken PRIXY. It will be sold for ethers, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum platform. As on the presale token is offered with a 60% bonus, 1 ETH equals 160 PRIX. When the ICO starts, PRIXY will be automatically converted into PRIX at a one-to-one rate.

The pre-ICO starts on 14 September 2017 at 14:00 UTC and ends on 28 September 2017 at 14:00 UTC.

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