Success: Privatix Presale ends a with USD ~470,000 raised ( ~1610 ETH )

Hello all,

First, as I wrote in my previous post — thanks mostly to early bird contributors the pre-sale was closed right after beginning.

My apologies to all those who wanted to participate in the pre-sale but were unable to do so. I promise that for the ICO everyone will have a chance to contribute and receive a bonus.

What next?

The ICO was planned for 19 October; however, because the pre-ICO round closed so fast, we’ve decided to move the date forward. At the moment, because of legal formalities, the actual date has not yet been confirmed, but for sure the ICO will take place a week or two earlier that expected. So stay tuned and follow the updates.

ICO whitelist

Due to the huge interest from funds, large scale private contributors and from hundreds of smaller contributors, we’ve decided to guarantee that everyone will be able to take part in the ICO, with bonuses via standard whitelist procedure.

What are the benefits of the whitelist procedure?

Guaranteed participation and bonuses for contributors.

Prevents network congestion, as hundreds of people rush in and flooded the network with transactions. In some cases, this caused day-long network delays.

Whitelist registration

Sign up HERE to the whitelist on the website and guarantee your bonus for sure.

We will contact you within a week to verify all information and draw up the final whitelist.

Community development

On the day, we will release our knowledge base and set up a close group of skilled people to help out in different areas — development issues, legal questions, connections, etc. If you would like to be part of our close group, and you think you have the kind of skills we need, please send a short note about yourself and your skills to me at

I and my fellow Privatix team members will be attending the d10e Conference in Kiev (UKRAINE) 18–19 September, so please contact me if you’d like to meet us!


We have serious problems with slack — please ignore any slack private messages. Don’t click URLs or send ETH to these addresses.

We are also considering closing our slack because of internal slack problems and the many vulnerabilities.

Remember, we never contact our users via Slack or Telegram PM’s.

Trust slack #announcements channels and Telegram pinned messages only — nothing else.

We never publish smart contract addresses and URLs in slack.

Always verify contacts on our website

I also received many messages from so-called “hackers” and blackhat racketeers. They threaten me with black PR, hacking attempts, DDOS, etc., and want me to pay protection. We do not play these games, so be smart and verify all information well. We have plenty of experience and can handle it for sure.

Best regards,

Dima Rusakov

CEO and co -Founder at Privatix