Token Sale security measures

Smart contract

Our smart contract is written and covered by numerous tests in accordance with well-known best practices.

The security audit is conducted by well-know expert Bok Consulting Pty Ltd (BokkyPooBah), who also provides auditing services to Cindicator, Stox, ChronoBank, Dao.Casino and many others.

Audit report link :

We also have a bug bounty program as an additional security audit by the community.

The address of the smart contract will be published on the website only with the cross-posting of the last 5 digits on 3 other official sources (Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook) .

In addition, we will be registering of our smart contract and token on Etherscan.


Privatix will secure all the ETH funds in a Gnosis multisig wallet with multiple signatures. All signature-approved participants are different individuals.

The Gnosis multisig is the best known market solution and has been used on Golem, Bancor, Aragon and other popular token sales.

Prevention of phishing and scam attacks

Phishing attacks are widespread and many Token Sales have fallen victim to them.

We have partnered with the company Segasec (Israel), which has extensive experience in this area. They handle the monitoring of phishing attempts for us and take immediately action the moment any phishing domains pop up, denying them any chance of success.

Segasec have already downed several domains that were intending to scam our users. No one was affected by — or even heard about — these attempts because they were cut off very quickly, as they should be.

We will do our very best and leave nothing to chance and have many secrets they work; however, it pays to be paranoid: always be sure to verify the domain name —

Accounts and website

Our servers are protected from DDOS by Cloudflare and they have a very simple and secure structure. We follow all best practices on the server-security side.

The password sharing policy is very strict — we also pay a great deal of attention to this in order to eliminate even the smallest chance of insider attacks.

I want to remind, that we are in the middle of whitelist registration.
You can reserve 40% bonus and individual cap 24h prior the Token Sale.