Why do we need Privatix Network?

We get a lot of similar questions such as:

  • We have Tor, cheap or even free VPNs and proxies! Why do we need Privatix?
  • Why use the blockchain? It’s not necessary for what you want to accomplish.
  • Why do you need your own token? We can pay in ETH or BTC as well.
The people asking these questions often haven’t read our whitepaper or even the summary, so I hope they find time to read this short blog post.

The Privatix Network is not only about the VPN!

VPN technology is integral to our concept of a global bandwidth marketplace — but our mission is not to create a decentralized VPN (unlike Mysterium, for example).

Our​ ​mission is​ ​to create a decentralized, and fully autonomous P2P VPN Network on blockchain with an advanced Internet bandwidth marketplace powered by its own crypto-economy.
Our​ ​goal is to demonstrate that it’s possible to create new kinds of products and services based on Network capabilities that will transform a number of markets like VPN, CDN, cyber security and encryption, or even change the landscape of the application monetization market.

What about Tor and other VPNs?

Tor is slow, detectable and blockable, is not secure, and Tor node owners are just volunteers, with no monetary incentive to run the nodes.

Free and paid VPNs are detectable; they can be blocked by advanced DPIs; VPN providers can sniff your traffic, collect logs, inject ads, and sell your data — which they definitely do, even when they say they don’t. When there’s no way to check, they can say what they like. They do it if you pay; and if you use it for free, they do it even more often!

Okay, so Privatix is not a VPN. But why use the blockchain? Why do you need your own tokens?

Our goal is to create a network that can only be blocked by blocking the entire Ethereum blockchain. Obfuscation will allow us to mask all network participants.

Our own token is not just for accounting purposes, but also to enable us to migrate with the token to another blockchain if necessary. If we rely only on ETH or BTC, we can’t do this, and as soon as something happens to Ethereum — we’re broke. And there are many technical risks out there as well.

But, you’ve also decentralized the VPN as a proof-of-concept product! What’s so different about it?

Yes, here is short comparison taken from our whitepaper :

Yes, but… one more question…?

No problem, we’re always ready to answer any of your questions in our telegram.