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Meet Privi Pix: An Instagram for NFTs Meets OpenSea

What Is Privi Pix?

Privi Pix is a decentralized web and mobile NFT app available within the Privi Zoo, and is governed by the $PIX Token. Think of Privi Pix as a haven for NFTs, Instagram meets OpenSea.

We’re opening exclusive early access to select users this week. If you’re ready to step into the future for us, apply to be an initial user right here!

Problems With Major NFT Players Today

The most popular NFT platforms in the market right now have unfortunate commonalities for anyone interested in the world of NFTs. The first is that they predominately reside on Ethereum and for most, high gas fees make creating and investing in NFTs economically unfeasible.

Second, there simply is no mobile app that compares to the robustness of say, Instagram, an app that NFT platforms should aspire to in-app design, and today, most all NFT tech is accessed through web browsers.

Third, NFTs being smart contracts, can essentially be encoded with human thought, the platforms today do not provide nearly enough use cases for NFTs. Lastly, most all popular NFT platforms are centrally owned by big VCs and not the community. That may not bothersome, but to those of us who are fed up with the current system, a decentralized and powerful NFT platform like Privi Pix is a breath of fresh air.

Privi Pix Features

  • Create NFTs out of your digital creations
  • Discover all NFTs on Ethereum, concentrated into one platform
  • All transactions occur on Polygon blockchain, retaining Ethereum liquidity yet obviating high gas fees
  • Access the app on your web browser but also in a mobile app
  • Collaborate with other artists to create Pods and digital collections
  • Sell NFTs with auctions and a marketplace
  • Fractionalize NFTs with Pods to get a return on your NFTs
  • Collateralized loans against your NFTs

How Does This Relate to Privi?

Privi Pix exists at the edges of the Privi ecosystem. As you may or may not know, Privi is not a one trick Pony.

Privi aims to be the next[decentralized ] Apple. We’ve have built several apps; a decentralized Spotify, Netflix, Medium, Klarna, Splitwise, and more. With Privi Pix, we have our decentralized `Instagram. Ultimately we want to make any moment in the entire ecosystem of Privi capturable as a NFT

Say you invest your $Trax into a song on Privi Trax early on and it blows up. Now imagine capturing that moment as a NFT, add a digital creation or picture to it, and sell/post it on Pix. How meta, no? Think of the use cases that could arise with Pix (and it’s stellar mobile app) at the edges of the Privi ecosystem. Decentralized? Use cases? Not on ETH? Mobile app? Check, check, check and check.

What is the Privi Zoo?

The Privi Zoo is a decentralized app store, made up of social and financial apps, all integrated on one powerful blockchain. Several features and apps, which require no technical or financial skills, allow you to create your own customizable network. You can access the Privi Pix through the Privi Zoo.

Want a visual of exactly what that looks like? It’s your lucky day, because the Privi Zoo, is now live! Click here to check it out.




Privi is a decentralized app ecosystem built for creators and communities.

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The Privi Zoo, a decentralized app store, is now live! Privi is a collection of decentralized social built-in one powerful ecosystem.

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