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Privi $PIX Token Deep Dive

To provide our community a trustworthy resource we have compiled all information about the token, tokenomics, and relevant links in this Medium article.

PLEASE READ: Anti-Sniper-Bot Warning

⚠️We will protect $PIX token buyers from sniper bots and front-running bots, as they can significantly influence the price of freshly listed tokens. ⚠️

We will prevent the bots from dumping through locking those tokens.

Here’s how it will work:

🚨Before the Pancakeswap listing, we’ll turn the anti-bot protection ON. 🚨

🚨🚨 Please don’t buy the tokens while the anti-bot protection is ON — all of the tokens purchased during this period will be locked 🔥🔥

⚠️⚠️​​ After that, there is a dynamic limit placed to hold away sniping bots and the project team advises to not buy much higher than 1 BNB per transaction ⚠️⚠️

We will send a notification once the bot protection is turned OFF on our Telegram Group:,
Announcement Channel:


Launchpad Times for August 26th

After this, $PIX will be available on Pancakeswap after approximately 4pm UTC.

Key Token Contract Information

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20 token address for $PIX:

PancakeSwap PIX/BNB pair address (BSC):

Liquidity lock on Unicrypt:

DexTools link:

Privi $PIX BEP-20

  • (Link Coming Soon…)


  • (Link Coming Soon…)


  • (Link Coming Soon…)

Privi $PIX Tokenomics

  • Total supply: 100m PIX
  • Launchpad: 7m PIX
  • Presale: 5m PIX
  • DEX liquidity: 4m PIX
  • Platform rewards: 42m PIX
  • Team: 22m PIX (vesting over 24 months)
  • Privi Foundation: 20m PIX
  • Launchpad price: $0.05 / PIX


  • 7% of total supply, 7m PIX
  • 15% TGE unlock, remainder vesting over 3 months linearly
  • Initial market cap: $77,500 (excl. Initial liquidity lock on DEX)
  • Initial circulating supply: 1,550,000 (excl. Initial liquidity lock on DEX)
  • Initial DEX pair on Pancakeswap: PIX/BNB
  • Liquidity locked with Unicrypt (LINK) on Aug 25

About Privi Pix

Privi Pix, is an Instagram for NFTs meets OpenSea. Privi Pix allows you to earn alongside your favorite creators, and collect their digital art — from photos to videos and beyond. As a creator, you can monetize your digital art without any middleman in between.

Select Features:

  • Create NFTs out of your digital creations
  • Discover all NFTs on Ethereum, concentrated into one platform
  • All transactions occur on Polygon blockchain, retaining Ethereum liquidity yet obviating high gas fees
  • Access the app on your web browser but also in a mobile app
  • Collaborate with other artists to create Pods and digital collections
  • Sell NFTs with auctions and a marketplace
  • Fractionalize NFTs with Pods to get a return on your NFTs
  • Collateralized loans against your NFTs

Privi PIX as dApp will be governed by holders of the Privi PIX ($PIX) token. Sign up to become a Privi Pix Beta user, right here!

How does this relate to Privi?

Privi Pix is one of the initial dApps that will be available in the Privi Zoo, a decentralized app store.

As you may or may not know, Privi is not a one-trick Pony. We are aiming to be the next (decentralized) Apple App Store. We have built several apps; a decentralized Spotify, Netflix, Medium, Klarna, Splitwise, and more. With Privi Pix, we have decentralized Instagram. Ultimately, we want to make any moment in the entire ecosystem of Privi capturable as an NFT.

Say you invest your $Trax into a song on Privi Trax early on and it blows up. Now imagine capturing that moment as an NFT, add a digital creation or pictures to it, and sell/post it on Pix. How meta, no? Think of the use cases that could arise with Pix (and it’s stellar mobile app) at the edges of the Privi ecosystem. Decentralized? Use cases? Not on ETH? Mobile app? Check, check, check and check.

Check out more about the Privi Zoo, right here.




Privi is a decentralized app ecosystem built for creators and communities.

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The Privi Zoo, a decentralized app store, is now live! Privi is a collection of decentralized social built-in one powerful ecosystem.

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