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Sep 21, 2020 · 6 min read

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Depending on the structure of your venture or startup, a business plan may take different forms. The following sections will provide you with rich details on the components to include in your business plan, the types of funding you can employ, some of its examples, and the comparison of a business plan to a pitch deck. If you are just looking for a plain business plan Table of Contents, scroll down to the bottom of this article for a sample.

Comparison of a business plan vs pitch deck

Conversely, a business plan is a company description that outlines how it operates alongside its current and long-term projects. It can consume around 10 to 100 pages. A business plan summarizes a venture and gives projection about its future.

It is always advisable to develop both a pitch deck and a business plan for the company or business to gain maximum advantage.

You can employ a pitch deck when an investor, partner, or client wants to get its basic overview. A pitch deck helps investors to get a quick synopsis of your business plan in order to decide whether to continue their review.

A pitch deck is usually presented to prospective investors via Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi, whereas a business plan gets crafted using the Microsoft Word tool. In addition to the differences highlighted, you can use a pitch deck during your business’s early stages, preferably the introduction phase. On the other hand, a business plan can be prepared at any stage of a company’s development. A business plan becomes useful when requested by potential investors or used as a reference guide to keep up with the company changes.

Which is the more important of the two?

Both pitch deck and business plan are crucial in showing the potential of your business to investors and other stakeholders. No option outweighs the other. Depending on your business stage, it is crucial to have both.

The Ten Slides in a Pitch Deck

When pitching your startup concept to your prospective investors, you are supposed to use a maximum of ten slides. Here is what to include in the slides.



Value Proposition

Underlying Magic

Business Model

Go-to-Market Plan

Competitive Analysis

Management Team

Financial Projections and Key Metrics

Status, Accomplishments to Date, and Use of Funds

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Business Plan Outline

Executive Summary

It would be best to craft it after elaborating on all the other details. The fundamental aspects are the business concepts, financial requirements, current position, and the business’s supreme achievements in your executive summary.

Business Description

You can also pinpoint the form of business you will employ, either a partnership business or a sole-proprietorship way, and the general operations on the structure part. Your findings should have the basis of reliable data, whose sources are well defined, to win the investor’s heart. It will assure them of significant outcomes rather than working on assumptions.

Market Research

Competitive Analysis

You can think of drafting a competitive strength grid that will spotlight the essential skills and pools of knowledge of the highest performing competitors in the market and look for ways to fit in the market.

Management Team

It also involves the segregation of different working environments and assigning work assignments to respective individuals. The assigned tasks depend on the business goals and requirements laid down to ensure maximum business revenue.

Historical & Projected Financials


Final Thoughts

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Bonus: Sample Business Plan Table of Contents

Sample Table of Contents

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