The Ultimate Guide to Crafting a Winning Investor Pitch Deck

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14 min readSep 4, 2019

Last Updated: 1/1/2022

For an entrepreneur, your business is your baby. There’s a moment when your baby is a newborn and you have been all alone feeding him and nurturing him until he has grown to a stage where you can now present him to the entire world. For babies, this is known as the end of the quarantine. For businesses, it is an investor’s pitch.

This article is designed for both new and experienced entrepreneurs and includes a comprehensive look at:

  • What is an investor pitch deck?
  • What common formats are they in and what is typically included?
  • Pro tips from our experienced team of pitch deck consultants
  • Commonly asked questions designed to help you raise funding

To help you in this endeavor of presenting your ‘baby’ to investors, here’s the Ultimate Guide to Crafting a Winning Investor Pitch Deck.

What’s an Investor Pitch Deck?

Uber Pitch Deck Example

A pitch deck (slide deck or investor deck) is a tool that entrepreneurs employ to present their businesses to those who are looking to invest in it, often a shorter version of a business plan, your own pitch deck can be assembled through a sophisticated platform or it could just be a simple PowerPoint presentation. The most important feature of a good pitch deck is that it has to communicate exactly what your business is, where is it going and why do you need money to make it a successful venture.

A pitch deck, or slide deck, is a comprehensive presentation that includes several key details of your business. These details will communicate the most important information about your business to those who are looking to invest money in it.

The ultimate goal of an initial pitch deck is not necessarily persuasion, but to some extent yes, you do want to persuade your audience, but not through fancy words or exaggerated statements, instead, you’ll use hard facts and well-researched data to prove your business is worthy of their money.