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Top 10 Angel Investors in Austin, TX

The market of Austin is consisting of a pool of talents and is full of diversified opportunities. In addition to this, the city also offers affordable living facilities and working space, which this; it deliberated as one of the reasons that grasped the attention of angel investors.

They provides various opportunities for entrepreneurs and other business holders to invest. It has been declared by the angel investors that Austin reflected as the finest place to start tech companies. Talking about the investments that have been made yet, so in 2019, Austin raised approximately $1.6 billion as venture funding.

Subsequently, to seek better opportunities, each day almost 110 individuals move to Austin, this has dragged the attention of entrepreneurs, and angel investors simultaneously. Meanwhile, the city is also offering numerous resources to support tech activities. Demonstrating about the programs so notable seed accelerator is amongst them, which reflected as the cohort-based program typically boost the team, and products. After passing from this stage, the entrepreneurs may receive an investment of around $ 15000 to 150,000.

  1. Gatherings of Angels

Gatherings of Angels is another angel network that comprises high-profile business tycoons, entrepreneurs, and individual investors, and other blue-chip companies that are looking to provide guidance and financial support for business initiatives. Something which makes it different is that at the gathering of angels, individuals will find the seasoned angel investors, investment bankers, after listing to their business idea, will invest around $ 50 million at once. Few of its angel investor includes Microsoft and Apple Inc. Its successful initiative are Movado media, Storm shelter technology, Auto think, and Cryo

2. Texas investment angels network

Texas Investment Network of active angel investors that connect the entrepreneurs of Texas and Austin, with various other giant firms to explore the business opportunities. They offer investment options range from $50,000 to $ 5,000000. Currently, the network is composed of around angel investors of more than 500, including Hiphe, and star shot out seed round. Additionally, its successful startup’s projects are Using AI investigation underground structure and Drilling fluid software and instrumentation.

3. TIE Austin

TIE Austin measured as one of the most effective platform for encouraging youth and other entrepreneurs to seek better business opportunities in the city Austin. The city is blessed with numerous resources, in order to raise its scope and to make it more advanced at global platform; tie Austin appeared as instrumental in this regard. Its active member is Libre Technology Inc. it has successfully capitalized more than 10,000 startups, and currently having 15000 members. Hence, it offers mentoring, networking, investing and incubating opportunities.

4. Newchip

The new chip is reflected as the new online accelerator which connects the angel investors and giant firms all around the world supporting the ideas of entrepreneurs. Thus, it believes in entrepreneurship and aimed to help entrepreneurs. It has more than 500 active mentor networks, having networks in almost 250 countries. Discussing its investment or funding so they have made $450 startups. Few of its startups are boot camps and pre-accelerator, pre-seed accelerator, and seed and series accelerators.

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5. Hill country angel network

Hill country angel network was established to support the nations that are located in the hill countries. This is a network of almost more than 100 angel investors few of them are angel investors, Austin investors, Southern US angel investors, and Texas investors. Besides this, hill country networks provide business opportunities to start-up companies offering them funds, resources, and knowledge. Their minimum investment in any startup is around $ 50,000 and it will reach $ 500 million based on the nature of the project.

6. Central Texas angel network

This is illustrated as the leading network of angel investors that support in providing the capital to the business that is at a very early stage. Yet, the central Texas angel network has invested approximately $120 million in more than 30 startups. Consequently, it is comprised of more than 100 angel investors and more than 199 companies. It is a leading investment group in the US, headquartered in Austin, Texas.

7. Austen technology council

This is depicted as the leading council that supports the unified voice of technology in Texas. It was established in the year 199 2 has become the leading platform offering its member’s companies various insights about the resources and business opportunities. The vision of ATC has reflected a step to make the nation high tech innovative region all around the world. Austin council is part of this network, consist of angel investors and other high profile business leaders to link the technology, and leadership to become the giant tech industry in the world. The council has accomplished more than 500 programs and awareness sessions, investing more than $430 billion. The group of angel investors supports the capital, talents, policy, and community.

8. Beam angel network

To reduce gender discrimination, beam angel investors mirrored as another network that mainly focused on supporting female entrepreneurs. However, the investment will be made at the very early stage of the startup. Women@ Austin is considered as the women-based network of angel investors, which is from women-based companies. It has invested around $3.8 billion, in almost 3.4% Venture capital investment that is initiated by women. There are almost 350 angel investors that are being connected through this network.

9. MicroVentures

The micro venture is equity; offering crowdfunding opportunities to individuals seeking investment in order to start their business. Consequently, the aim of this angel network is to connect startups , businesses, and other individuals looking to explore market opportunities. Its collaborating hubs consist of Airbnb, Spotify, and slack. It has raised the capital of approximately $500 million, having more than 200,000 angel investors, and has successfully completed more than 900 startups.

Interested in learning more about getting your startup funded? Read our ultimate guide to seed funding, a guide to angel investors.

10. Foodshed investors

The main the sustainable food and other resources, the network was formed as Foodshed investors. Since its establishment, the network of active angel investors supports agribusiness activities and startups. It has raised capital of around $ 4.40 million since its inception. Meanwhile, it is struggling hard to enhance its network with that of other agrarian economies.

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