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Top 10 Angel Investors in Denver, CO

In recent times, startups have proliferated in nearly every city of the United States. The startup scene is booming in Denver. The city has become a go-to place for entrepreneurs who plan to skyrocket their startups and make a real-world impact. Denver has been ranked in the list of 25 startup ecosystems in the world, competing against the big markets. Almost 100 startups in Denver are en route to become the next big thing.

The list includes big names such as Grow Generation, Dispatch Health, and Spekit. Startups in Denver are mostly focused on SaaS applications and similar tech services. Some startups are related to energy, real estate, and construction. Startups in Denver received more than $931 million in venture capital investment.

This shows the utmost potential the city holds for accelerating startups and building the best entrepreneurship communities. Financially, Denver poses a win-win situation. The city offers financial assistance and supports to startups through angel investors and venture capital firms. Focusing on angel investors, Denver has become home to several angel investors such as Colorado Startups, Denver Angels and so much more. Hence, seven out of ten startups make it in Denver, and there is a success story at every corner of Denver.

Colorado Startups

Colorado Startup connects entrepreneurs and startups to valuable resources and connections. The ecosystem of Colorado Startup is unlike any other and is termed as the most prominent online startup community in the world. It supports the startups as an investor group and connects the startup with other investor groups. The company invests and builds the startup community all over Colorado, especially Denver. The company has integrated different services; however, its primary focus is to connect resources or invest in startups.

Denver Angels

Denver Angles was founded in 2016 and has invested in some of the most prominent startups in recent times. Denver Angels invest in eight to twelve companies based in Denver. The company typically invests around $200,000 to $1 million in startups. The startups are expected to scale up and become financially strong and generate over 200 percent more revenue once they receive payment.

Rookies Venture Club

Rookies Venture Club is quite familiar among the startup community of Denver and nearby cities in Colorado. The group has transformed angel investments and enhanced the likelihood of success of startups by supporting them financially. The Angel Capital Summit by RookiesVenture Club has supported numerous startups over the years in Denver. Any company seeking investment can apply to pitch to Angel Capital Summit. The angel investment group stated that companies had risen over $50 million with the help of Rookies Venture Club.

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Stout Street Capital

Stout Street Capital is a Denver-based angel investor group that uses data analysis and market analysis to invest in startups. The investment group has managed to support startups such as robotics, IoT, Fintechs, and advanced materials. The group has invested in various states of the United States. However, TIE Denver, a Denver-based step, specializes in dealing with startups in Denver and around Colorado. The group created an initiative for the startups that were deteriorated by the pandemic. TIE has shown promising results in Denver so far, and such aspects are quite likely to continue.

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Foundry Group

Foundry Group has been working in Colorado since 2009 and has supported numerous startups in Denver. It supports early-stage growth and brings the startup to sky-high success through investment and financial support. It primarily supports startups from the technology and IT sectors. However, it also has programs to supports startups on a long-term basis that may last up to 30 years or so. A large number of companies in Denver have made their way, thanks to Foundry Group. The group promises to strive hard and invest in more and more startups in the near future.

GAN Ventures

GAN Ventures is a Denver-based angel investment group that supports local startups by investing and connecting them with startup communities. The group also connects local startups with other angel investor groups and leverages its expertise for the utmost betterment of startups.

Garini Ventures

Garini Ventures invest in software-related projects that have global application potential. The company is located in Denver and supplies the financial needs to early-age startups around Denver. The angel investor group has investments range from $100k to $2 million. Three startups that took off with the help of Garini are Alepo, Choice Assistant, and Xooa. The angel investment of Garini backs all these startups. This angel investor group has contributed too many initial investments, which have led to fruitful results.

Innosphere Ventures

Innosphere is an accelerator and incubator; however, it has an angel investment initiative supporting local Denver and Colorado startups. It primarily invests in SaaS applications, Tech, and MedTech applications. Innoshperefund initiative invests in companies that bring real-world change in the technology and medical sector. The group predominantly invests in companies that are in the early stages and require huge capital to jumpstart. The angel investment group has supported various startups in Denver and beyond. It generates incremental value for startups and accelerates their transformation.

Meritage Fund

Meritage Fund is a Denver-based angel investment group that plans to convert local startups into remarkable organizations. This angel investor group has quite a diverse portfolio, unlike others which only invest in particular domains. Some of the significant startups are under the investment help of Meritage Fund, which are SmartSky, Crisp, Masergy, and Faction. Some of these startups are related to IT, while some deal with energy. Meritage funds have invested in various Denver-based projects and continue to do so.

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Altira Group

Altira Group provides investment to technology-related products and startups. The company is Denver-based and has been investing in various projects for over two decades. This angel investor group has $75 billion combined in market capitalization, which makes it the industry-leading investment group among startups. From SaaS solutions to database solutions, this angel investor group supports all kinds of startups. The current promising names under the financial support of the Altira Group are Seeq, ResFrac, FlexGen Power Systems, and Infrastructure networks.

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