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If you intend to enlist someone to compose your business plan, you’ve come to the perfect place. Hiring a business plan writer will help you to craft a high-quality document.

However, before employing somebody, you should familiarize yourself with what it takes to make a great business plan.

You may have been struggling to write a business plan without success, and now maybe is the time to ask yourself these questions: would it be advisable for me to compose or enlist somebody?

If you choose to hire an expert business plan writer, what skills and qualifications would it be advisable for you to search for? What amount would it be a good idea for you to pay? Let’s explore the answers to the questions and dive further into insights on hiring business plan writers.

Would it be Advisable for Me to Write or Hire Someone?

Although there is an incentive in crafting a business plan yourself, it can be more valuable to recruit an expert. If you don’t have business administration and finance knowledge, you may find it challenging to craft a perfect piece. In case you don’t have enough time, you will benefit from somebody who will get the job done for you.

After that, you’ll have your financing and continue with your business operations. Or suppose your business venture is intricate to the extent that it genuinely requires an expert to look at the planning and pitching documentation, then that is a good situation to employ a talented business plan writer.

What does it Cost to Hire a Business Plan Writer?

For the most part, an expert business plan writer will charge somewhere in the range of $5,000 and $20,000 for a complete business plan. The low end applies to small organizations, such as a pizza shop, a little retail location, a beauty parlor, and so on. The complexity of the business plan and the time it takes to prepare it are some of the factors that influence its cost

What Skills Can You Look for in a Business Plan Writer?

Here is a summary of the skills you should look for when hiring a business plan writer.

Experience in writing business plans: A writer who has experience in writing business plans is likely to compose a perfect plan for you. A seasoned writer knows what it takes to craft a business plan, and they can deliver results within your timelines.

Successful track records: A writer who has successfully written business plans in and outside your industry has excellent ideas that can help you enhance your business performance. For instance, they can share the best strategies in other markets with you, making you more informed.

Research skills: A good business plan writer should be in a position to conduct market research and analyze data to determine the level of demand and competition. The author should be aware of the market research databases where they can get industry reports.

Financial skills: A business plan writer must have basic accounting knowledge and must be able to create financial projections, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements.

Training: It is crucial to consider hiring a writer who holds at least a degree in a business-related course. Writers with business knowledge are likely to compose better pieces than those without.

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How to Tell if a Writer is Suitable for Your Business Plan

Depending on your brand, product, customer base, and audience, you may require a writer who contributes unique abilities and perspectives to work. Here are the criteria to use to tell if a writer is suitable for your business plan.

Language familiarity: An author doesn’t need to be a native speaker but should compose excellent pieces for your target market. The writer should write in perfect grammar and casual tone, depending on your business requirements.

The tone of voice: Is your brand formal or casual? Whatever your style, an author must be equipped for communicating your brand’s personality through copy. Glance through an applicant’s previous work, mainly if they’ve composed for your industry, or for brands you consider competitors or peers.

Don’t be discouraged if a writer doesn’t have an exact sample matching your niche. The writer’s style of writing is enough to tell you if they can get the job done.

Great communication skills: Hiring new writers is similarly as costly for you as recruiting new customers is for them. Therefore, both of you will gain by knowing up-front if you can work together. In the early phases of your engagement, scrutinize the writer’s services versus your business needs.

You can gauge their communication skills by seeing how they speak with you, how they go about getting information from you, and how they manage deadlines. Ensure you hire a writer who is easy and enjoyable to work with.

Willingness to share expertise: Although you know your business better than anyone, your writers are adept at translating that knowledge into something the audience will read and understand. You need to hire a writer who understands your business objectives and who is willing to share their recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

How Long Does it Take to Write a Business Plan?

If you employ a business plan author you will normally wait for fourteen days until a decent draft set is submitted to you. Sometimes, it may take a month before you get your completed business plan.

The Steps of Hiring a Professional Business Plan Writer

Here are the steps to hiring a professional business plan writer.

Decide whether you need to go with an agency or a freelance: While a freelancer may be significantly cheaper, you may not get quality guarantees and other perks, such as free corrections.

Track record and formal accreditations: Find out whether the writer has qualifications in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, and different papers that underscore their authentic and formal capability.

Examine samples: Review the business plan writer’s samples to evaluate their ability to write such a document. Request them to submit their examples in open MS Doc and Excel formats.

Audit the author’s terms and conditions: Make sure to review appropriately the offer documents and the terms and conditions submitted to you by the author as part of the prospecting process. Typically, a business plan will require cash upfront installment. Ensure there are clear descriptions of the duration and payment terms.

Consider whether the author will also serve you as a business consultant: It is vital to hire someone who has vast skills in business to help you with growing your business.

Give a full briefing to the business plan writer: Make sure you have abundant chance to give full instructions to the business plan author. Use the right format in the briefing to ensure that all aspects that make your business idea plausible are conveyed to the business plan recipients.


Hiring a good business plan writer will help you get value for your money. Before you recruit a writer, you’ll just need to tenaciously investigate whether the business plan author being referred to is really expert and qualified to yield fulfilling results for your particular business case. A good business plan writer should have essential skills, such as financial skills, market research, communications, and language familiarity.

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