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Open Your Mouth, Lose Your Money: the Magic of Restraint

When it comes to high-stakes publicity, sometimes nothing really is better than something.

33 Takeaways

From entrepreneurship and engineering to health and wellness, I’ve never learned so much in a single year from so many incredible people.

Life at Mozilla: A Workweek at Peru

A series of post on what is like to be a Mozillian

This is a series of what is like to be a Mozillian on Mozilla Hispano…

Two Different Mindsets

Or why engineers and business people speak different languages.


Big Data Checklist

The Joel Test for big data.

I started with Big Data before the term was coined.

Why you should avoid using red asterisks

How to minimize visual noise and get more conversions.

When we mark all the required fields with red asterisk we only…

Become the Solution

I heard Ed Land, who founded Polaroid Corporation, speak on the role of the inventor. Land stated that it was his job to imagine things before they happened. His approach began with identifying a need and creating a way to meet that need. Ed Land provided solutions. On the day he spoke, he said that he had hired plenty of scientists who wore white smocks. He went on to say…

Use Social Platforms As Your Web-Wide Contact Book

Cut the paper cord — toss your business card collection. You know you have one, and it’s not helping you at all.

Why not do the real thing?

Finding my own “real” thing.

This was the question left hanging in the air between him and me, like the smoke between our cigarettes. It…

How to Use Quip in Your Daily Routine

Quip launched yesterday with the goal of creating work products that people actually enjoy using every day. Founded by ex-Facebook CTO Bret Taylor and…

Content Marketing’s True R.O.I (Relationships on Investment)

Content marketing has been getting a lot of play in the media nowadays and it has become a buzzword that is thrown around…

Being selfish during stakeholder interviews

Digital strategy is about collecting business, user, and platform insights to simplify things for your client and your…

What Your Suitcase Says about Your Design Choices

What does your suitcase reveal about your design decisions? It’s a simple question with fascinating undertones. Everyone owns a suitcase…

The Mechanic and the Mark

Late last night, a friend and I strolled through Midtown Manhattan — wandering through bustling stores and glowing billboards and the rest — while chatting about

Status Blog

The status blog is one of those unsexy, boring pieces of startup infrastructure that you need to have but no one really wants to do. Your site is going to be down for a 1-hour…

The desire to know it all in programming.

Nicholas said something quite obvious. If you can productive with JavaScript, you may “know enough”. In our trade we sometimes like to segment…

Four tips for building hackathon demos

Simple ways to help you deliver results when you’re under a tight deadline.

No screen left behind: Creating a digital experience for multiple devices

When creating a web site for multiple screens and devices, many options need to be explored to determine…

What I Learned Building Medium (So Far)

As of November 2012

We’re now eight months into building Medium, having started in earnest in February of this year. In August, we launched what I call the “preview” version—which included viewing content publicly and creation for a small whitelist of folks. No real homepage, discovery, profiles, or many other important features.

The only metric that matters

I've been lucky to be part of the early growth of several really interesting and now important networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. One of the things that I felt working on each of these is that we never looked at numbers or metrics in the abstract -- total page views, logged in accounts, etc, but we always talked about users. More specifically…

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Expert advice, lifehacking & stuff you should know

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