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What will happen to Probinex after a successful token-sale?

If you wonder how our “brokerage” will work when PBX finally gets launched into the world, wonder no more. We’ve prepared a clear and easy explanation.

The successful wrap-up of token-sale is a huge success. And even though the PBX presale is over, the Probinex Project is just getting started. The next few months will be tumultuous, with new products being introduced and global clientele joining us. However, we are not forgetting the core of our community. There will be PBX “brokerage” available, and you will still be able to conveniently buy PBX tokens from us. How? Find out in this article.

The concept is simple: we are going to connect demand with supply. In other words, we are going to arrange trades directly between our clients who want to buy and those who want to sell.

What determines the price of PBX at our “brokerage”?

The price is determined by free market rules. The Probinex team has no control over it, but you, dear reader, do, as it will be based on the supply/demand rate.

Also note that we will update the PBX price every day. If you request a trade but pay, let’s say, 48 hours later, you will need to confirm the new price.

Is there demand for PBX?

The launch of free market trading, even on our own platform, may initially cause volatility. However, in the long term we feel there is a strong demand for PBX. There are several reasons for this, including but not limited to:

  • 89% of clients have tokens allocated in our successful strategies. Such clients have no reason to leave the project.
  • Every month our trading strategies turn profit, Probinex has to buy PBX to reward our clients with.
  • In 2022, we are launching new products such as Earnio. Promotion of these products is expected to raise demand.

What about supply?

Since the tokens from the token-sale are in the hands of our clients, an excess supply would only be created if someone decided to quit our strategies and sell their PBX. How much they would sell these PBX for would be determined by the market.

New PBX buyback rules

One of the things that makes us unique is our safety pool and the buyback of tokens. Every single client has the option to sell their tokens to us for 75% of their current value, even after the January listing (for a limited time, more information in the whitepaper).

This is determined by by the current price of PBX tokens, and whether or not it meets the threshold of 0.054 USD. If the current price of PBX is lower, the buyback we promised and communicated in the whitepaper at 75% of the current price of PBX applies. If the current price rises above 0.054 USD, we enter market mode. The Probinex “brokerage” will connect the askers with the bidders.

What happens if there is no supply/demand?

Probinex “brokerage” buys and purchases PBX. Therefore, it does not need a continuous supply of traders, as is the case with standard exchanges like Kucoin or Binance. We will operate in the same way as other Czech exchanges. For example, those for bitcoin, ethereum and so on.

What if no one sells PBX?

If no one’s willing to sell their PBX, the market price will rise until someone reconsiders.

What if no one buys PBX?

In this case, the exact opposite happens. The price will keep dropping until someone is willing to buy PBX again. This is limited, though, because there is a buy-back guarantee from our side. See above.

Need more information?

We have explained some of the major changes that come after the end of token-sale. But maybe there’s something else you wanted to know. If that’s the case, join our Telegram and ask your question there! The community managers, CEO Adam or CMO Michal will give you a lightning-fast answer.

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