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Probinex: Making the crypto world accessible to everyone

The Probinex exchange and the Earnio project will change the way you look at the world of cryptocurrencies. We attract institutions and retail traders alike because our vision is to form a next-generation exchange and regulated cryptocurrency pool.

Cryptocurrency Market Issues

The cryptocurrency market is dominated by massive institutions that have access to cutting-edge financial products. It is virtually impossible for retail traders to benefit from the performance of an investment fund or an index.

At Probinex, we want to democratize financial instruments in the cryptosphere and offer them to everyone through our two products: the Probinex Exchange and the Earnio regulated cryptocurrency fund. We will change the cryptocurrency market for the better.

Probinex Exchange: a solution for the whole community

Introducing an exchange that makes it easy to interact with the world of cryptocurrencies. We will create a financial market without limits.

We will connect the spot and futures markets

Cryptocurrency futures work thanks to funding rates. This system is inefficient because it does not offer hedging or arbitrage. The solution is to create one market that offers enough liquidity for mass adoption. This is a revolutionary project that, together with licensing, will take trading into the 21st century.

Earnio will be the first regulated fund for everyone

We also have big plans for the Earnio cryptocurrency fund, which we plan to regulate with a pan-European passporting license. It will be launched in mid-2022. This is thanks to the very positive response our semi-automated trading strategies have received.

These have been in place since 2018 and are consistently profitable, because we maintain a controlled, diversified portfolio of a wide range of assets.

In 2021, we achieved an average appreciation of 1.5% per month.

PBX token: The benefits it brings

As part of our project, we introduce the PBX token. It represents the wide range of bonuses that Probinex offers to token holders.

  • Discounts on potential exchange fees: institutions in particular will appreciate being able to eliminate their fees thanks to PBX.
  • Larger share of Earnio’s profits: the interest in our semi-automated strategies is huge, clients will get higher returns by holding PBX.
  • Access to VIP events with special guests: we plan both webinars and personal meetings.
  • Airdrops of partner projects’ tokens: we have a wide network of contacts in and outside the cryptocurrency world. We will offer new projects and tokens to those who support our vision.

We have issued 1,000,000,000 PBX, 50% of which will be gradually burned using 20% of the exchange’s profits. Read more about our tokenomics in our whitepaper and deck. Our goal is the long-term growth of PBX and of the project itself.

How to learn more?

Join our Telegram and start receiving news about Probinex. Also, check out our Twitter. Message us, let us know what you think. We want to create a powerful community we can bring our vision to reality with.

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Probinex is an ecosystem of crypto and fintech products powered by PBX utility token.