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Why Probinex

We continue the dive into our deck and whitepaper. This time we’re taking a look at the solutions the Probinex project offers to common issues.

In the previous article about our deck and whitepaper, we’ve looked at exchanges and the problems they tend to face. We’ve also commented on the way current regulations inconvenience users. This text will hopefully illuminate how Probinex aims to face some of these challenges.

Regulations. Yes or no?

In recent months, regulations have been quite a prominent topic. The question cryptocurrency community faces is very simple at its core: Do we regulate cryptocurrencies or not? The answer, though, is anything but.

Opponents of regulations point out that when Satoshi Nakamoto first created Bitcoin, he dreamt of a payment method with no need for central authorities. Any regulations imposed by the government, central banks or other entities would therefore, in the eyes of these Nakamotites defeat the whole purpose of cryptocurrencies.

What’s more, they claim, regulated environment doesn’t necessarily present any advantages. We all know how “flexible” state institutions are and by the time they do accept some regulations, they may not be relevant and useful at all. Environment regulated in this manner would be arguably worse than no regulations at all.

On the other hand, retort the proponents of regulations, some clear rules and guidelines would help with frauds and scams (unfortunately plentiful in the industry) and might improve the public image of the cryptosphere. Better public image could mean more investors and with them more money to boost the entire sector.

Companies dealing in cryptocurrencies would also greatly benefit from clearer instructions, avoiding future clashes with regulators, sparing all sides unnecessary expenses, and ultimately benefiting the end-customer.

Last but not least, stable and regulated environment incentivizes larger institutions such as banks or investment funds to enter this emerging market, in fact, they are already cautiously testing the waters but so far, the dangers of high volatility and legal uncertainties kept them from delving in.

Here at the Probinex project we realize that reasonable boundaries present clear and undeniable benefits to the entire ecosystem and fully support smart regulations, tailored to the needs of the market and its users, while taking current trends into account. Everything we do, we do with a clear goal in mind: Creating products ready for the regulated world, fully compliant with the requirements of any future laws. That’s why all our steps are preceded by a thorough analysis and risk-assessment.

What about liquidity?

Another issue we partly addressed in the last article is the issue of liquidity. Low liquidity is the main reason for volatility and price spikes cryptocurrencies experience on the daily. This is another scarecrow for institutional investors. Probinex is aware and has a solution ready.

Drumroll please! Welcome Earnio! Unique investment platform utilizing the potential of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to it, those who didn’t dare to enter the crypto-market until today will finally have a chance to safely dip their toes.

Typically, trading involves diligently keeping an eye on the market and trying to game its fluctuations and swings. With Earnio, our semi-automated strategies will simply do it for you. What’s more, with the way they work, they are able to keep being profitable even in turbulent times when most of the market’s in recession. Crises come and go, that’s part of the economy, but with Earnio they don’t have to be scary.

Earnio will also, just like the rest of our suite of products, be ready for the regulated world of tomorrow. We believe this will attract more institutional investors and help foster the adoption of cryptocurrencies among the wider public which is, after all, one of our main goals and dreams. The public, together with the aforementioned institutions will bring in liquidity and this liquidity will bring stability to our next-gen exchange.

Small traders welcome

You might think: “Regulations, lack of liquidity, those aren’t my problems! I’m a small trader.” But there’s another issue even small traders face in today’s market: dealing with banks. What use are your crypto earnings when you can’t cash them out?

Probinex has a solution here too! Instead of having to deal with banks, we will have our own banking license and offer our own accounts, complete with payment cards. And these accounts will be able to interact with any other just like regular bank accounts would. And, as a cherry on top, by being integrated with our exchange, these accounts will take advantage of the immense liquidity present therein. The wallet interface, similar to internet banking like you’re used to, will allow you to operate with both fiat and cryptocurrencies. You will even be able to use cryptocurrencies to pay at store!

None of these products would be possible or make sense without regulations. We work hard to show people, that cryptocurrencies aren’t scary, they’re an opportunity, a tool. And what we build with that tool is up to us. So let’s build something amazing!



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