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Why ProBit Global?

Probinex has reached a major milestone in the lifecycle of a cryptocurrency: We have been officially listed on our first public, centralised exchange. This way, we open up to a global community of users who will surely appreciate PBX for the same benefits our first clients did: its growth potential, the team of experts behind its development, and the revolutionary exchange with an investment fund fuelled by it. Read further to find out answers to common questions regarding our ProBit listing.

Why did you decide on ProBit?

This decision was preceded by months of careful research and was not taken lightly. There were many factors to consider, but the ones we found the most important were:

  • A global stock exchange: Probinex has big ambitions that do not stop at the borders of the Czech Republic or Europe. A globally accessible stock exchange is therefore a must.
  • ProBit has allowed us to open a secondary market quickly, so the community could freely trade PBX in the first quarter of 2022 already. Other large exchanges we are dealing with require much more time and resources to list our token. ProBit is therefore a great first step on the stairway to crypto-heaven.
  • ProBit is one of the fastest growing exchanges in the world. This means an active market and community that could not be offered by exchanges that are larger but declining in popularity. We always think about the future.
  • ProBit is a mid-size exchange from which it is always possible to expand to other, larger exchanges. We can tell you we are currently in contact with several of the 20 largest exchanges on the market.

Do you plan to list on other exchanges?

  • Yes, we are constantly negotiating with various other exchanges. We want as many people as possible to see the benefits that PBX brings, as we believe that both new and existing clients will benefit from such publicity.

Will the price rise or fall after listing?

  • The price can be volatile, and its exact movement cannot be predicted. However, due to the great liquidity that ProBit provides as an international exchange, there should be no extreme fluctuations in either direction.

What is the PBX tokenomics?

  • The primary purpose of the PBX token is to allow clients to indirectly participate in the profits of our automated trading strategies and to link our various products: the Probinex Exchange, the Earnio cryptocurrency platform and our wallet. Detailed information about the tokenomics can be found in our whitepaper.

What does it mean that a PBX is publicly traded on an exchange?

  • That any user of a given exchange can buy PBX tokens. This means that PBX becomes a true crypto-token: there is a secondary market for it, it can be bought and sold freely, and its price is based on supply and demand.

What blockchain is Probinex on?

  • We run on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, BEP-20 standard, although we were born on Ethereum. For the average user, the only noticeable difference is there are cheaper fees on BSC.

Do you have any more questions? Contact us on Telegram or Twitter.

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