Doping, Russia and India

If after Russia doping bothers any other nation than India is high on the list. Nar Singh Yadav may have got clearance but World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has decided to challenge that clearance. Nar Singh Yadav is in Rio to compete in wrestling. India, still without a medal, finds itself mired in yet another controversy. Indian athletes, weightlifters, and wrestlers have faced allegations of taking performance enhancing substances, including banned steroids and other types of synthetic food. For a long time, India has been engaging services of coaches and trainers from Russia or other member nations of the erstwhile Soviet bloc. The world,especially the Western bloc, has been up in arms against Russia. But for last minute clearance, the Russian athletes would have watched the games from sidelines. Anyways, it is a cold war that looks unending. Can sports be clean? It is not drugs alone. What about other things spoiling the good name of sports. Match fixing for one. After all TV coverage of sports is the biggest entertainer. And controversies add spice to the sporting events.