Gold, Silver, Bronze and Steel

f ArcelorMittal, owned by an Indian Lakshmi Mittal, is the world’s largest steel manufacturing company, then India is justified in demanding the introduction of medal of Steel for the fourth positioned players and teams in Olympic games.

After all Nita Ambani has been elected as an independent member of the International Olympic Committee. And the IOC recognises the need to have on its board those eminent people who have made a mark in business and other fields.

Why not a medal for the fourth position as those getting first, second and third positions get Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Had it been so, India would not have ended some of the Olympic games, including Rome, without a medal.

Afterall, olympiad is a four-year cycle.

Have Lakshmi Mittal on the board of the IOC and he would sponsor Steel medal for the future Olympic games. With his sponsorship, countries like India would be saved blushes of ending Olympics medalless.

In Rio, by now we would have three Steel medals under our belt.

India has been a member of the elite band to end an Olympic competition with a wooden spoon. In the 2012 Olympic games, India finished 12th and last in hockey to get the coveted wooden spoon.

The United States today completed a rare honour of completing 1000 gold medal haul in Olympics, an achievement that may not be equalled in near future. On the other hand, India has 26 medals, including 9 gold, to its credit in 116-year-old history in the Olympic games.

Fiji won its first ever gold medal in Rugby Sevens in Rio. There are many many countries who are still hoping for their first medal in Olympics even after 120 years. the Introduction of the fourth medal may fulfill aspirations of some of these medal-starved nations.