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iCommunity (ICOM) IEO Referral Buy Event — Up to ~20% ICOM Bonuses up for grabs!

Event Duration: April 25, 2022, 09:00 UTC — End of IEO Duration

Distribution Date: Within 2 weeks after listing date

Buy ICOM, Earn ICOM Bonuses
ICOM IEO price: $0.36

IEO purchases in the amount of at least 1,700 ICOM will receive an ICOM bonus equivalent to 20% of the total amount purchased.

  • Your referees’ purchases will also count towards your total IEO purchase amount.
    Example: If you bought 2,500 ICOM and your referees bought 1,000 ICOM, your total IEO purchase amount will be 3,500 ICOM. Therefore you are eligible to receive 700 ICOM as an extra bonus (20% of 3,500 ICOM).

⯈ Refer friends

  • You can refer your friends by sharing your referral code upon logging in:
  • Share with your friends and have them sign up with your code!

⯈ Terms & Conditions:

  • Total rewards for this event are capped at 300,000 ICOM.
  • Rewards from this event are separate from the 5% bonus for purchasing using PROB token. If you have purchased at least 1,700 ICOM using PROB, you will receive a total of 25% additional ICOM as bonus. (5% from PROB purchase + 20% from IEO Referral Buy event).
  • The announcement and bonus distribution dates may be subject to change under certain circumstances of ProBit Global and/or iCommunity.
  • The event date can be subject to change or canceled under certain circumstances of ProBit Global and iCommunity without advance notice.
  • ProBit Global reserves the right to disqualify abusive event participants who are engaged in malicious activities such as creating multiple accounts.



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