InXight, AR technology becoming reality in the 5G era

Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash

5G services are now becoming a reality and have been recognized as vital to the 4th industrial revolution infrastructure. There is a high level of enthusiasm regarding the impact that technology will have in our daily lives now and into the future. 5G represents high-speed data transmission of up to 20Gbps, hyper-connectivity, and ultra-low latency which will open up a world of opportunity and potential for true value generating services.

The question then, is how can people take advantage of this technology to benefit their daily lives?

Table: Comparison of LTE and 5G Service

Earlier this month, Italy’s national broadcasting station RAI reported on the industry-leading 5G technology and services in South Korea. The special segment was aired all over Europe and highlighted a number of technologies and innovative companies capable of driving value generating services in the 5G era.

Photo: David Ham, CEO of the AR company Scanetchain introduced in RAI TV’s TG1 Speciale

It was revealed in the RAI broadcast that among the numerous technologies today, AR (Augmented Reality) and Blockchain are vital components of industry 4.0. The development and adoption of these technologies in everyday life are expected to grow rapidly with 5G and provide major value to our daily lives.

Scanetchain, which is a company that has created an app combining visual scan and search functions with e-commerce, advertising and search functions, presented their solutions in the RAI documentary.

Photo: AR company Scanetchain’s InXight app demonstration. Pointing the camera towards the water bottle will display relevant information and connects directly to a purchase site following AR streaming.

The InXight app, developed and powered by Scanetchain, can digitally recognize any object, brand, or image using AR technology both offline and online without any additional equipment. By simply pointing their smartphone camera at objects and images, users can access relevant content through AR technology while products and services can be purchased utilizing this service through well-known e-commerce platforms such as Coupang and Rakuten.

InXight users also have the ability to create their own AR content that can be shared within the ecosystem as well on social media. Allowing users to create their own content enables a true decentralized open ecosystem where crowd-curated content can benefit the greater community.

There are many examples of the impact and benefit of crowd curation of data and content. A prominent example is the mapping service Waze, where crowd-curated location data served to benefit users utilizing the navigation services. Similarly, InXight adds an extra layer of searchable content and information beyond the database of content created by Scanetchain and their partner network.

The InXight app also introduces a new reward and incentive system, where all user actions and activities within the ecosystem are incentivized.

Users will receive SWC digital asset token rewards for their activities such as creating and uploading AR content, running scans, or communicating with other users. Users can choose to use the SWC rewards to make purchases, use it as a price offset, or even exchange it for other cryptocurrencies or fiat.

Users will receive rewards proportionate to usage, thus creating a beneficial economic cycle where users can earn rewards for their activities and burn or use them to purchase products and services.

The blockchain based SWC digital asset token is the native token of the InXight ecosystem. Users can receive SWC through the in-app incentive reward engine or they can choose to purchase and trade the token on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

SWC will list on ProBit Exchange on May 20, 2019, along with 9,000,000 SWC that can be earned through their listing events.

Like the InXight app, technology has now entered the realm of everyday life and anyone can experience the future technology of their dreams in their daily life through data communication, AR and Blockchain. In the near future, we can experience real life usage of technologies that were only imaginable in science fiction movies or novels. In a time where the 5G era is approaching and new AR and Blockchain technologies are being created, why not experience the future technologies that seek to improve the lives of users and the world around them?

The InXight app created by Scanetchain and introduced by Italy’s National broadcasting station RAI is will be commercially available on May 17th and available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store.