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Kingdom of Zamunda (ZAMU) will launch an IEO with ProBit Global

Click here to view the ZAMU IEO page

⯈ IEO Duration

30 December 2021, 07:00 UTC to 10 January 2022, 07:00 UTC

⯈ Price

ZAMU will be priced at $0.0001/ZAMU.

⯈ KYC Verification Notice

All participants of ZAMU token sale are required to complete KYC verification at ProBit Global (

About Kingdom of Zamunda

⯈ Introduction (

Metaverse — The Zamundan natural resources like gold, land, minerals and Animal Hides make it the richest country in the world with annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) surpassing £20 Trillion Zamundan Pounds £Zamu, about $26.7 Trillion and $6.7 Trillion above US GDP with just $20 Trillion.

Investors and world biggest collectors are bracing themselves to battle it out on who will be one of the handful owners of a piece of a property in the rich kingdom which is going to make a huge dent in the pocket of a billionaire like Elon Musk, the world richest person giving the price tag of properties in the opulent kingdom. A piece of a property in Zamunda Metaverse Kingdom could cost between $50 million — $1.1 billion making it the world’s most expensive place to own a property.

Dramatic landscape of magnificent mountains, frightening gold finish mansions, the elephants & lions, the rose petals, the cultural appropriation, the Zamundan Metaverse project will be one of the most visited Metaverse projects due to the uniqueness of its story line.

The utility of Zamudan Pounds £Zamu will weigh heavily on trade partners exchanging their currencies to £Zamu to enable them to buy natural resources like gold, diamond, choice properties, lands, tourist visits to the kingdom and daily transactions, which are all required to be purchased using £Zamu. “Everything in Zamunda is expensive, even to marry a beautiful Zamundan woman which will by virtue make the husband a Zamundan Citizen will cost up to $3 million in £Zamu.

These transactions are expected to make Zamu scarce as users will be looking for the currency to participate in the kingdom’s booming trade, commerce and tourism. So many rich and prospective suitors will scramble for £Zamu to grab these beautiful maidens from Zamunda kingdom to be showcased once a month.

The purpose of this private sale is to raise seed round for development of Metaverse Kingdom of Zamunda and to offer early backers an opportunity to inquire tokens at a static rate before public listing which intend to be volatile. We planned to inject back 20% of funds raised during Launchpad into public listing liquidity. 30% into marketing and 50% into development of the Metaverse Kingdom of Zamunda.

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