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PAA Token Sales Event — 2,000,000 PAA up for grabs!

Event duration: April 13, 2020, Monday, 12:00 KST — April 18, 2020, Saturday, 23:00 KST

Prize pool: 2,000,000 PAA

⯈Palace Token (PAA) Buying Champion

The top accounts with the highest net purchases of PAA will be rewarded with a total of 2,000,000 PAA!

1st place: 400,000 PAA

2nd place: 350,000 PAA

3rd place: 300,000 PAA

4th place: 250,000 PAA

5th place: 170,000 PAA

6th place: 150,000 PAA

7th place: 130,000 PAA

8th place: 110,000 PAA

9th place: 80,000 PAA

10th place: 60,000 PAA

Terms & Conditions:

  • The announcement date and bonus distribution date can be subject to change under certain circumstances of ProBit Exchange.
  • The event date can be subject to change or canceled under certain circumstances of PAA and ProBit Exchange without notice.



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