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ProBit Global Integrates Margin Algotrading Bots 💰 30% off for First 50 ProBit Global Users

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What is Margin and How to use it?

Margin is a dedicated crypto trading terminal based on offering a more visual trading experience featuring a responsive, convenient UI to conveniently integrate algotrading strategies based on widely used TA tools.

The interface features an organized display for users to gather trading data based on a comprehensive orderbook along with various order tracking and historical trading.

Margin’s visual trading incorporates additional drag and drop functions for ProBit Global users to trade 1,048 current trading pairs with default pairs of LTC/BTC and BTC/USDT at launch.

Margin includes many of the prominent indicators used by traders including Bollinger Bands and MACD. Additional features include RSS feeds to provide updated crypto news and developments from websites such as Coindesk and a convenient P/L display to track overall gains.

Placed orders can be tracked on the main screen along with a supplementary order adoption feature which enables auto-adjusting total amount and price for pending orders.

How to Automate Trading Strategies with Margin Bots

Margin provides 5 key strategies alongside a custom Python Code Editor to enable traders to create and run their own trading bots.

This strategy enables traders to customize their own trading strategies using Python code.

Strategies vary but can be categorized as limit or market-order-based.

Limit order strategies

Refer here for a guide to limit orders

The bot will automatically place an order based on your specified buy and sell range. Once the initial order is filled, a sell order is automatically placed according to the sell price and will repeat the process until the bot is stopped.

Scale trading utilizes a strategy similar to grid trading by setting up multiple limit orders simultaneously based on the specified number of orders and price intervals between subsequent orders to set up a wide trading channel which aims to profit off market volatility.

This strategy operates in a similar fashion to the ping pong strategy but at a larger scale and adjustable profit margins based on the minimum effective gain filter.

*A setting of 0 will enable profit-neutral trades to execute, a negative setting will enable smart adjustments based on current market conditions with an emphasis on capitalizing on long-term trends.

Market order strategies

Based on the popular indication of its namesake, this strategy executes orders based on an attempt to recognize market tops and bottoms based on how over or undersold a current asset is.

Ideal for trending markets, this strategy will execute buy, sell, or both directions based on current bullish and bearish signs garnered from the convergence or divergence between short term and long term EMA.

Margin Security Features

Margin only stores half of a two part API-key pair on their servers which safeguards all user assets even in the event of a server breach or attack. Additionally, orders are executed directly through exchange order books.

How to set up Margin with ProBit Global API

👉Refer to the guide here to get started:

Margin also offers a free demo version to try out before purchasing a license:

For more details, please refer to the website:

*Disclaimer: ProBit Global does not endorse nor will be held liable for the usage of the platform and any resulting financial losses, if any. Do your own research on the security features of Margin and their reputation as a company before proceeding. Margin is not owned, or a subsidiary of ProBit Global. Both companies are in no way related.

The above should not constitute financial advice.



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