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ProBit Global Launches Automated DCA bots on Deltabadger

🔹What is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and Why is it Popular?

Dollar-cost averaging, or DCA, is a commonly used investing tactic which involves a recurring hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly buying or selling of a specific asset determined by a pre-set time frame. A key advantage of this approach is that traders are not required to time the market and can simply execute DCA without any underlying analysis or misgivings.

DCA stands in stark contrast with the approach of allocating all funds to a single, or lump-sum purchase where a timely entry is critical for success.

*For example, instead of completing a lump-sum purchase of $12,000 in BTC today, a DCA investor would simply purchase $1,000 in BTC every month over the course of a full year.

This approach can be particularly useful when targeting a volatile market such as cryptocurrency by smoothing out the inevitable ebbs and flows over the course of time.

DCA is essentially a risk-mitigated HODL strategy that can be attractive for newer traders while also minimizing the financial repercussions stemming from human as well as market sentiment such as FUD and FOMO.

🔹What is Deltabadger and How to use it?

Deltabadger is the most advanced dollar-cost average bot on the market, currently providing DCA bots that enable anyone to set up automated hourly, weekly, or monthly strategies for any of the tokens listed on ProBit Global using USDT.

💰 84% of all Deltabadger bots and 100% of those started over a year ago are in the green.

Deltabadger’s signature feature is the smart interval option that will direct the bot to place all orders according to the minimum order size permitted, essentially prioritizing order execution at the minimum allotment as opposed to time frame.

Smart intervals will also enable bots to continue running even when the automated purchasing amount is less than the minimum order permitted by simply recalculating the frequency at which orders are placed.

Limit orders are another way of hedging risk by reducing the standard 0.2% fees on ProBit Global augmented by price range filters to restrict transaction execution to within a specified range.

👉 ProBit Global’s minimum order size is 1 USDT so with the smart interval function activated, Deltabadger bots will always execute orders at 1 USDT regardless of timeframe.

🔹How to Automate DCA with Deltabadger

Refer here for how to set up automated DCA

For more details, please refer to the website:

*Disclaimer: ProBit Global does not endorse nor will be held liable for the usage of the platform and any resulting financial losses, if any. Do your own research on the security features of Deltabadger and their reputation as a company before proceeding. Deltabadger is not owned, or a subsidiary of ProBit Global. Both companies are in no way related.

The above should not constitute financial advice.



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