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ProBit x Fidelis (FDLS) Airdrop Event

IMPORTANT NOTE (Please read before participating in this airdrop event):

⯈ Why did I not receive my airdrop?

  • If you did not receive the prizes, it means that one or more of the requirements were incorrectly followed. Please check the possible reasons why you did not receive the airdrop in this FAQ:
  • Users who submit a customer support request regarding the reward distribution may be disqualified and have their rewards removed. Please be patient in receiving the rewards.

⯈ How long does it take to complete KYC STEP 2 verification?

  • KYC STEP 2 verification takes around 5 to 10 business days to complete, on a first-in-first-out order. Raising multiple requests WILL NOT speed up the process.
  • Make sure that you have provided complete information and clear photos of the requested documents.
  • See How to Complete KYC for details.

⯈ Is my Country Eligible to Complete KYC?

  • Please note that citizens of the following countries will be unable to complete KYC: Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia, Cuba, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Nepal, North Korea, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, United States of America, Venezuela.
  • If you are a citizen from one of these countries, our KYC partner will be unable to approve your KYC. Contacting ProBit Global customer support will not improve the situation.


⯈ Event Duration

27 September 2021, 15:00 UTC to 24 October 2021, 15:00 UTC

*Reward distribution will be processed within 2 weeks after the event end date.

⯈ How to Get FDLS Airdrop

This event is open to existing ProBit Global users who have signed up on or before 27 September, 2021, 15:00 UTC, and have completed ANY of the following tasks within the event duration.

⭐️ TASK #1

Complete KYC STEP 2 verification.

* KYC verification is not phone verification. Users need not conduct phone verification to participate.

Reward: 350 FDLS tokens

⭐️ TASK #2

Follow ProBit Global social media accounts:

Reward: 150 FDLS tokens

Fill up the form:

Note: Only those who followed ALL accounts indicated above AND filled out the form completely will receive airdrop for Task #2.

⭐️ TASK #3

Retweet ProBit Global’s Twitter post.

Reward: 150 FDLS tokens

  • Search ‘@ProBit_Exchange Twitter’ on Google.
  • Go to the ProBit Official Twitter page and like & retweet the pinned post.
  • Complete the following form:

Note: Only those who retweeted all posts AND filled out the form completely will receive airdrop for Task #3.

⯈ Important Notice

Total Budget for Task #1: 480,000 FDLS

Total Budget for Task #2 & #3: 120,000 FDLS

There is a total maximum cap of 600,000 FDLS tokens for the whole event. Those participants who completed the required tasks after the cap has been reached will not be eligible to receive airdrops. An announcement shall be made on ProBit’s official Telegram group once the cap has been exceeded.

⯈ Introduction (

The Fidelis Platform and the FIDELIS Token (FDLS, Φ) are part of a solution to bring together the most diverse Reward Programs (Loyalty Programs). Through the FIDELIS platform, companies will be able to develop their Loyalty Programs in a safe ecosystem, with lower operating costs and with the benefit of being able to advertise their products to customers of various other reward programs.

The FIDELIS token will be equivalent to the miles, points or cashbacks of traditional rewards programs, with the advantage of never expiring and having the possibility of valorization, which benefits both the customer and the company that participates in the FIDELIS Platform.

⯈ Social Media





⯈ *Terms and Conditions

  • ProBit Global reserves the right to disqualify abusive event participants who are engaged in malicious activities such as creating multiple accounts.
  • ProBit Global reserves the right to halt or discontinue the event with sole discretion.
  • ProBit Global reserves the right to cancel or amend the event rules with sole discretion.
  • ProBit Global reserves the right for final interpretation of the results of these events.




ProBit Global is a Top 20 crypto exchange worldwide servicing crypto enthusiasts with unlimited access to trade and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and 800+ altcoins in 1000+ markets.

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ProBit Global

ProBit Global

ProBit Global is a Top 20 crypto exchange worldwide providing unlimited access to trade and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and 600+ altcoins in 1000+ markets.

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