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SKEY Surges over 18X on the Heels of $1.5 Million Raised Through IEO on ProBit Exchange

The comprehensive IoT solution SmartKey saw their SKEY token rocket by approximately 900% following listing after successfully raising $1.5 million via two completed IEO rounds on ProBit Exchange.

The surging token is currently trading at 0.53, having reached a high of 0.55 as of press time with over $1.1M in SKEY changing hands.

SKEY was offered to early investors at 0.025 during the first round of IEO with significant demand securing nearly $800,000 in capital following the purchase of all 30,000,000 tokens. Due to community demand, a second flash round was quickly prepared before listing at 0.035 and also sold out to accrue an additional $700,000 for a total of $1.5 million raised.

Smartkey is a blockchain project that aims to bridge the gap between DeFi and physical value with their core technology revolving around an API connector capable of bridging physical IoT devices as well as a DeFi connector tailored towards smart contract integration for Ethereum and Waves.

The Smartkey app provides an accessible IoT system by tapping into the Ethereum network to provide smart key access and enable emergency access to communities, a critical component to improving response time and expediting potentially life-saving services.

Having already been rolled out in the Polish community to service 1.5 million in times of emergency needs, Smartkey aims to deliver tangible IoT utility to various industries including future incorporation into Kia vehicles for physical key management and sharing services.


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