Superior rendering capabilities incorporating renewable energy is the key to success behind this CES 2019 Innovation Award winner

As computer processing capabilities continue to rise, there a wide variety of sectors with ever more demanding needs for raw computational power and many of these ventures have led to breakthrough new discoveries, innovations, and improvement to existing infrastructure.

On the flip side, this massive increase in computer usage has devastating consequences on the environment. Not only does it place enormous strain on energy output and create superfluous waste, but it also results in enormous amounts of greenhouse gas emissions which contributes to heavy pollution.

With an emphasis on the rising popularity of crypto mining, a trio of German entrepreneurs have created Azultec to provide renewable energy incorporating premium rendering hardware capable of delivering on all needs from individual to business level. Most importantly, they have managed to accomplish this in an eco-friendly way to minimize environmental effects.

Successful products backed by throughout research and data

To illustrate the extent of the problem, it is estimated that the Bitcoin network consumes about 7.67 gigawatts. In order to better illustrate how massive that output really is, compare that to the 8.2 gigawatts emitted from the entire country of Austria! Exacerbating this issue is the fact that fossil fuels remain the primary source of this energy which results in skyrocketing CO2 levels.

With Azultec, high performance and eco-friendly features have become a reality. Computation power needs for highly demanding tasks such as CGI rendering, cloud computer, cloud storage, and now even crypto mining have led to increased demands on the part of users.

By incorporating their propreitary water cooling mechanics, Azultec provides optimal temperature and highly efficient products which are essentially portable supercomputers sitting in your room. Liquid cooling capabilities were tested in Dubai with results showing their resounding success as temperatures of 90–100 C were brought down to around 50 C following the installation of Azultec’s water cooling technology.

Not only will Azultec’s products alleviate this growing carbon emissions issue and inefficient use of electricity and energy, but it will also remove the dependence on mining rigs and farms to allow for individuals both new and experienced in crypto mining to make their own forays into the sector.

Personal supercomputers for both individual and corporate needs

One of their flagship models, the plug and play Azultec Cube 300, scored an award at the CES 2019 Innovation Awards in the sustainability and eco-design category. This major recognition highlighted the eco-friendly features of the Cube as it was one of eight companies out of the 4500 other companies in attendance to score an award in the eco-design category.

The Cube was designed to retain a staggering 72% of thermal heat to improve cost and performance efficiency while also reducing carbon footprints even further. Incorporate fuel cells will further enhance output efficiency and capitalize on an even greater variety of renewable energy.

Along with these future developments, the CUBE can create passive income through rendering tasks, sharing cloud storage service needs, as well as highly popular crypto mining.

For more large-scale industrial needs, the RenderMaster 300 is equipped with the optimized hardware and software to handle professional demands for businesses related to software, animation, movies, and many more that need the highest production rendering capabilities. The motherboard can connect up to eight GPUs and the water cooling radiator eliminates the need for any fans which makes this the ideal solution for corporate usage.

Azultec is comprised of three top tier German brands hailing from the IT and high-tech sectors including the world’s top DIY liquid cooling system provider Aquatuning, water-cooling manufacturer Alphacool, as well as PR agency whose clientele includes Fortune 500 technology companies.

With this abundance of successful experience and products backed by extensive testing, Azultec’s vision will ensure more efficient uses of energy while also accommodating even the most demanding rendering and computer processing output needs.

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