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TEAL (TEAT) Token Sale Lucky Draw ~ Win $2,500 in TEAT!

Event Duration: October 27, 2020, 17:00 KST — End of IEO duration

Distribution date: Within 2 weeks after IEO conclusion

⯈ How to Participate

Each participant is entitled to 1 lucky draw ticket for every 50 TEAT worth of total IEO purchase amount. Total IEO purchase amount includes your referees’ purchase amount.

Ex: If you bought 100 TEAT and your referees bought 50 TEAT, your total IEO purchase amount will be 150 TEAT. Therefore you are entitled to 3 lucky draw tickets.

Note that a minimum purchase of 100 TEAT (excluding your referees’ purchase amount) is required to be eligible.


1st place: 1,000 TEAT (1 winner)

2nd place: 500 TEAT (1 winner)

3rd place: 200 TEAT (1 winner)

4th place: 50 TEAT (10 winners)

*Lucky draw winners will be announced on the ProBit Telegram group after IEO conclusion

Terms & Conditions:

  • TEALreserves the right to request personal information to the winners of the event for marketing, making reservations, and tax purposes. In the event that the winners are not willing or unable to provide personal information, winnings will be canceled.
  • The announcement and bonus distribution dates may be subject to change under certain circumstances of ProBit Exchange.
  • Distribution of the prizes will be within 2 weeks after the completion of IEO
  • The event date can be subject to change or canceled under certain circumstances of TEAL and ProBit Exchange without advance notice.



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