Meet the farmers without cutlass and hoes………Farming with swag :)

8 steps to planning an effective farming business.

Obviously, the interest in agriculture by young people is spreading like wildfire.

For example, I attended an agro business training last weekend and the audience comprised largely of young professionals who want to explore modern way of farming. By the way, it was the first “agro-prenuership” workshop I would attend.

Workshop was organised by Save Nigeria Soil and Food Movement in partnership with DynaPharm. Me. Sitting at the far left.

As one of the speakers I spoke about how farmers can leverage digital marketing strategies to sell their products. The highlights of my presentation was that farmers should equally invest in branding themselves as experts to attract trust and credibility from corporate buyers.

I also shared how they can use digital tools that they are already familiar with (like WhatsApp, Facebook, Nairaland etc) to build their brand, network with other farmers and even as a marketplace for their products.

Turn these platforms from time wasters to your distribution and network channels

Here is a link to my 6-paged slide.

While I couldn’t help beyond digital marketing, David Taiwo, director of Global Farming spoke on the business of farming.

His session is aptly titled Planning Effective farm Business. I took the liberty to share some of the insights he shared in his presentation.

David Taiwo, sharing with the participants at the event.

Here are David Taiwo’s 8 steps to planning effective farm business.

1. Collaborate with experienced farmers in your area of interest.

2. Do a comprehensive Business plan that contain financial plans.

3. Understand all that is required of you in the crop you are planting

4. Network with other farmers.

5. Keep adequate records of your spending all through the farming period

6. Avoid unnecessary spending

7. Keep asking question even when you have a single way to do it, and have other ways of doing it as well

8. Have the cost including direct and indirect cost of production

It’s obvious that there are many first time farmers today and these recommendations are absolutely needed. His points agree with an earlier post I published called 5 commandments of modern farming

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