How We Ranked This Post To №.1 position On Google Within 10 hours: Lessons in Content Marketing

Amazing. Right?

Part of our strategic focus for 2017 is to grow ProbityBooks via a combination of strategic SEO and content marketing. While we still do paid ad strategies using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, we want to be more conservative with the cost of customer acquisition. Thanks to our Growth Jedi, we created our first “experiment” by publishing a post on a topic of interest to our prospective users.

The post that got ranked in Google in less than 10 hours.

Within 10 hours of publishing the post, it had climbed to №1 spot for a long tail search term : how to apply technology to your business in NigeriaThis was my own screenshot the day the post went live

My mobile screenshot of the result — approximately 10 hours after post was published.

To put this result in perspective, we captured the Google search results for both (local) and (international). In both cases, the post still claimed the №1 spot despite over 50 million results in domain.

The post ranked as №1 for over 5o million and 5 million search results in and local results respectively.

These Are The 5 Tips That Helped Us To Get Ranked In №1 Position Within 10 Hours.

Here are 5 things that helped us to achieve the result and also some fresh insights you can take advantage of in your business.

  1. Write with purpose. While your objective is to rank your content on Google, you should remember that whatever you write must benefit your readers. Never try to write for bots so you can rank high in search engine, instead aim to write for human beings. When you write don’t be “selfish” by writing about your products only, instead, try writing about things that might interest potential users of your products, even if it is not about your product. Also use simple english to educate your audience. If possible always itemise your sub topics.
  2. Use the right Keyword. To write a post that get ranked in Google, you must research keyword that are relevant to your site with low competition. Tools like Google Keyword tool (listed here) or are useful to come up with right keyword ideas. Do not try to cheat google algorithm by repeating keywords more than 4 or 5 times in the post, instead try and use synonyms if you need to repeat keywords.
  3. Length of post. Ensure there are at least 2000 words and not more than 4000 words in your post, having 4 to 5 images in a post will spice up the quality of the content too.
  4. Use Tags. When Google bot crawls your website, it will be looking for the best way to classify the content you have just written based on title tags. That is why you should use <h1> </h1> to <h4></h4> tags to break the post to main headings and sub-headings in order for Google algorithm to understand your content properly and know what to rank it for.
  5. Submit your post. Immediately after the article is published on your website, it’s very important that you submit your content to Google for indexing as quickly as possible using pinging services. Doing this will increase the chances of getting your new content indexed on Google.

There are several other ways to promote your business blog content and get more readers to visit each time you publish a post. For example, if your business blog is hosted with WordPress, you might install a plugin like Yoast SEO and XML sitemap among several other helpful plugins. Other things to do include sharing your posts on social media and using an email list to inform your subscribers of new posts etc.

Even though, blogging is great for business, it takes effort before the result starts showing, like in the case of ProbityBooks.

ProbityBooks is the №1 accounting solution for small businesses owners. it offers a powerful tool to manage your business online. For Nigerian businesses, it is a perfect alternative to Quickbooks or Sage.

Some of the features include:

1. Invoice creation

2. Inventory management

3. Account auditing.

3. mPOS

You can sign up for a 15 day completely FREE trial account (no credit card needed) on

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