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Creator Tools on Probo

How Probo users can create their own events for trading.

What are Creator tools?

A set of in app features that enable ‘Probo users’ to create & ask their own questions, with the added benefit of becoming Probo profit partners.

Question creation using creator tools on Probo. Manage created events, settle them & track your earnings from them — all in one place.

How to use creator tool?

Step 1 — Choose an event type and topic

Pick a topic of your interest and choose an event type, Yes/No question, poll or ballot

Step 2 — Create question & add details

Create a question you want to ask, add a description and set start and end time of the event

Step 3 — Submit for approval

Probo content team vets and approves events created by our users before making the live

Step 4 — Manage your live events

User can track events created and earnings in the app and close when event outcome has come. Probo’s content team uses them to share feedback to every newly onboarded expert in Creator’s program. This helps in building Probo a platform for easy collaboration with our users where they can learn, earn and grow.

Have more questions? Watch this short introduction to creator tools.

The benefits of Probo Creator

Why do we need Creator tools?

  1. A lot of our users are experts in various categories on Probo and love to share their knowledge. These tools will help them create events and ask questions of their choice in the form of events, polls and ballots.
  2. It is an opportunity to monetise knowledge on topics like sports, crypto, news, finance and many more. More than 150 creators are currently contributing to the platform in various categories and generating an income for themselves.
  3. Also, creator events are published with the the creator’s name that further helps in recognition & gaining followers on Probo with 10 million+ users.

How to become a Probo Creator?

  • It is based on shortlisting by the Probo team from users who have achieved level 4 on Probo. They get exclusive rights to create and settle their events.
  • As they get promoted to ‘Senior Creator’ they can choose their topics of interest, conduct contests, live sessions and other fun activities on Probo.
  • As they grow they can also become ‘Editors’ where they manage other creators which also opens the door to contribute as a lead category manager at Probo.

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