…should I start my startup?

Starting a new venture comes with a lot of research on the ongoing situation of the startups in the country and their growth rate

Samachar, Vichaar, Vyapaar
3 min readJun 22, 2023


What all should be considered?

The key to a successful startup is to understand the audience for the product.

Do a detailed analysis on:

  • the demographics of your audience
  • the present scenario around funding,
  • a suitable place for a startup,
  • economic conditions of the country/state of business

Where can Probo help you?

Probo provides you with the pulse of the nation and helps you analyse how each scenario can be impactful in times to come.

For example. the GDP growth of a country, employment rate each month, total funding raised by each startup monthly, states with leading startups in the country, and unicorns added each year are some factors that through Probo one can easily analyse with very less time.

An opinion of more like-minded people, real-time probability of any scenario and valued added knowledge points are some things which can help form a constructive decision.

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Source: Fintrackr

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Samachar, Vichaar, Vyapaar

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