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PROCESIO October 2021 Community Updates

Hi there! Julian here, your Community Manager at PROCESIO, and in this news update I’ll be sharing with you our October highlights:

  • Getting started with PROCESIO
  • API Key Authentication
  • Use cases with PROCESIO
  • 13–14 November: Make IT Count Hackathon
  • Mihai’s trip to 4th National Intelligent Automation Congress in Milan
  • Community Updates livestream #2: October 21, 6pm EEST

Choosing the right software tool

Searching for a new software tool can easily become a complex job with so many options available out there. So how can you make a good choice from the start?

Check out the Getting Started playlist to find out if PROCESIO is the right tool for you. Some of the questions we’re addressing are: what can you achieve with PROCESIO? What features are most important to know about in the first place?

API Key Authentication has arrived

You can now use an API key to access the PROCESIO API and perform a wide range of authenticated operations. You can run, add, update, and delete processes, or access process-related resources directly through the API.

Have a look at the documentation to see how it works.

Link to the documentation >


The PROCESIO SDK is now available! The SDK makes it easier to interact with the PROCESIO API from your application. Depending on the technology you are using we provide two ways for accessing your processes:

  • PROCESIO SDK built with TypeScript
  • PROCESIO SDK built with C#

Check out the documentation to get familiar with the kit:

Link to documentation >

Map Process Data Action

The new Map Process Data action allows to assign (map) value to a process variable. You can use Map Process Data to either give values to your process variable or to change the value of the process variable.

Read more about how to use Map Process Data in detail here.

️DateTime, Lists, Numerical & Strings Actions

Among other new actions we’ve included on the platform we have the following:

The DateTime folder contains actions that can be used while working with dates, such as: Week Number, Today, Is Weekend. You can read more about the DateTime actions here.

The Lists Action folder contains actions that can be used while working with lists. Details about actions such as: List Add, List Contains, List remove, List Sort are included here.

The Strings Action folder contains actions that can be used while working with strings. Read more about StringTrim, String To Upper, String Starts With, String Join, String NullOrEmpty here.

The Numerical Action folder contains actions that can be used while working with numbers. Learn more about operators such as Add, Subtract, Divide, Modulo operations here.

Use cases with PROCESIO

Over the past month we’ve been busy working on a few use cases with PROCESIO. Some of these include the energy sector but also RPA and marketing automation. Here are the scenarios we’ve touched on:

Energy (Utilities)

  • Meter readers & billing
    Send automatic invoices with consumption information to end users by extracting that information from a meter reader application
  • Advanced equipment service
    Help field service workers provide better customer experience by making service calls more efficient; automate the work order creation process, equipment service reports, and return authorizations — with all the relevant information automatically surfaced
  • Change supplier
    Notify the different entities involved and transfer distribution data
  • Diagnostic & inspection
    Automate diagnostic and inspection tasks and notifications
  • Payment reminders
    Automate reminders when payments are not made on time. Integrate databases, CRMs, interfaces, and send the reminders through the receiver’s preferred communication channels
  • Service notifications
    Automatically send notifications via the client’s preferred communications channel in the event of a disconnection from the service

Marketing Campaigns

  • Automate marketing emails: send newsletters or drip campaigns to your customers
  • Enrich data about new leads with information from different sources
  • Integrate data from reviews and rewards apps to automatically provide reward points or product samples for your customers
  • Upsell/ cross-sell new products or services from a database to certain contacts based on pre-defined business rules via email or SMS; raise support tickets in platforms such as Jira when information like contact details is missing


  • Orchestrate robots to perform specific tasks in business workflows; trigger and optimize the robots

13–14 November: Make IT Count Hackathon

We’re teaming up with Kick-Start and SMSO to create a 2-day hackathon to help tackle sustainability issues (deforestation, recycling) through the use of no/low-code, automation, and SMS/ chatbots notifications.

During two days, 20 teams of participants will be proposing innovative solutions for these issues, which will then be evaluated by a panel of experts. At the end, the winning teams will be awarded prizes and rewards from the organizers and sponsors.

Interested or know someone that might want to join? Learn more at

Mihai’s trip to Intelligent Automation Congress in Milan, Italy

Our founder Mihai Darzan traveled to Milan, Italy to attend the 4th National Intelligent Automation Congress organized by RPA Italy between 29–30 September.

Mihai talked about the role of intelligent automation in the current global context and the value we’re bringing with PROCESIO to the ecosystem.

Learn more about the Intelligent Automation congress here.

Community Updates livestream #2, October 21, 6pm EEST

Join us to our next Community Updates session Thursday, October 21, at 6pm EEST. Jump in to learn more about building integrations and automation on PROCESIO.

Why attend?

  • Understand better what you can do in PROCESIO
  • Ask questions and get ideas from the community and our support team
  • Meet & connect with the PROCESIO community

If you can’t make it this time, no worries, we’ll be organizing community updates regularly on a monthly basis so you can always join a future session.

Register here

Join us on Discord

We’ve opened our community on Discord! It’s a great place if you want to hang with us, share what you’re building, and get updates about PROCESIO and support for your projects.

Also, you can meet and make new friends that work on integrations with PROCESIO so it’s easy to share ideas, get tips & tricks, and learn new tactics.

Join us on Discord >

That’s it for now. We appreciate being with us on our journey to make automation and integration easier for everyone.

Thanks for reading,


No-code low-code iPaaS like PROCESIO can help companies and organizations keep up with fast-changing market demands by enabling collaboration between non-technical experts and IT, in a secure and scalable environment.

Would you like to learn more about how you can empower your business and technical teams to build custom software and workflows up to 5x faster than by writing code? Send us a quick mail with your case and we will be glad to get in touch with you.




PROCESIO is about humanizing the way we create software and workflows, helping business experts and software developers streamline their operations with the power of no-code.

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