Weekend Process Notes, June 24, 2022

Behind “A State’s Rights:” New Rights Given to Men and Taken Away from Women

Issues that seem personal and psychological are, in the end, political problems

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

Everyone knows guns are about men. The gun is a sign of masculinity and everyone knows it.

When it comes to guns, the Supreme Court just removed a state’s right to have laws restricting the use of guns.

Abortions, reproductive health, and family planning are about women. Only women have to endure an abortion when, in the woman and her doctor’s opinion, it’s unwise to have a baby.

When it comes to abortions, the Supreme Court just expanded a state’s right to restrict abortions.

So states CAN’T restrict GUNS in the way they decide best, but a state CAN restrict abortions in the way they decide best.

This is not about “pro-life” or saving lives.

This is not about a STATE’S RIGHTS

This is about women’s rights and men’s rights.

This is about taking rights away from women.

This is about giving rights to men.

Even issues that may seem personal and psychological are, beneath the surface, political problems.

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