The Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva: Verse 7

Locked up in the prison of their own patterning

Ordinary gods can not protect anyone.

Where then, do you go for refuge?

Go for refuge in what is reliable, The Three Jewels — this is the practice of a bodhisattva.

Photo by Leonard Laub on Unsplash

You’ve made the same mistake over and over, until the rigid walls you’ve built encircle you, you can’t move an inch, error upon error descended upon you, smashing you, now only your imprint remains.

Calling out for protection, nothing happens, no one arrives at your doorstop. Looking right, looking left, only a grey sky hovers over the landscape. Things you believed were your saviors were only a dream in the early morning mist.

In the grip of fear, no, it’s worse, its terror ripping through you. How will you find a way out? How can you possibly build an exit, an underground tunnel to crawl through? No one else can do it, and nothing is offered to save you.

Do not give up hope, do not be distracted, do not surrender, do not relinquish the power you’ve secreted away when no one was looking.

It’s hidden because if anyone had known, if anyone had witnessed your actions, they surely would have stopped you.

Breathe deeply again and again until you feel it rising within, do not stop breathing.

Listen for those soft footsteps, the three jewels will enter in silence

Be careful not to miss them. Though the Buddha and spiritual friends never left you, if your eyes are shut you won’t see them.

Refuge is right in front of you, open your heart and fill it with

the obvious path before you.

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