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Yes… “But What About…?”

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Why try to avoid important discussions?

We’ve all heard Democrats complain about Republicans when they respond to something a Democrat is complaining about — with: “But what about….?”

“But what about…?” is followed by the Republicans mentioning some other disturbing fact for which they blame the Democrats.

Often — there may be validity to the complaints coming from members of both parties. But why not listen and simply acknowledge the problems being discussed? Why try to stop the opposing party member with some often irrelevant counter “fact,” after saying the usual “But what about…?”

Recently, I began to hear “But what about..?” coming from avidly left-wing Democrats, when I mentioned the horrors of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the intense bombing of citizens, hospitals, the elderly, & the disabled.

These left-leaning well-educated people quickly tried to shut me up with: “But what about all the other places he’s done this?” (referring to Putin) “For example, Syria and Yemen.”

There it was, the very thing the left-leaning friends and associates often complain about.

So why do people do this?

Why are we so eager to stop intense discussions?

How can problems be analyzed, and solutions considered when someone is jumping in with “But what about….?”

Why this denial, edging into gas-lighting?

Recently, some friends tried to shut me up about genocide in Ukraine with “But what about…?” I had to wonder why. My response:

“Perhaps it’s hit me hard because my family is originally from Ukraine.”

My Grandpa grew up in a small town outside of Odessa, Ukraine. My Grandma grew up in Crimea, Ukraine. In the last year of her life, when she was close to 100 years old, Grandma told me and my husband about living through pogroms (organized massacres of Jews in Russia/Eastern Europe) as a child, before she escaped Ukraine.

Perhaps the media is focused on Ukraine because they are for the most part — “White.” Although Jews were hardly considered “White” by Nazis. I have little European DNA in my genes, according to National Geographic — genetically, I’m Middle-Eastern and Southwest Asian.

The media is focused on Ukraine because Putin is directly threatening NATO countries. That’s us, and it may mean the whole world.

If Putin is not convinced to stop this horrific genocide, he wins. And he will do it again — closer to home. In a NATO country. If Putin is not FORCED to stop, he may not stop.

Please Read: How Far Will a Desperate Putin Go — And Can We Stop Him? | by umair haque | Mar, 2022 | Eudaimonia and Co

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