Case Study: Green Me (Mobile app version)

Beto Carlos
Jul 30, 2017 · 6 min read

Helping International Couples streamline their Green Card process.

This is a project I did for one of my classes at Utah Valley University. We designed an app and documented it.

This specific project was an expansion of a project I had previously done. You can go to the project and see a more in-depth research background.

You can see the prototype here and follow along.

The need

A single Google search for “Green card application” generates 44,100,000 results, most of them linking to piles of information.

Going to the official USCIS website is no good either since the site is full of information. Sure, you can browse for a little bit, but soon you find out that there are hundreds of scenarios and for each scenario, you have to complete different documentation. A TOTAL NIGHTMARE.

There are literally thousands of people trying to file for the Green Card every year, most of them don’t have any idea regarding how the immigration system works, and like us, they don’t have any idea on where to start. They are consumed in the anxiety of filing for the Green Card in a timely and successful manner because that could mean staying with their loved ones or getting deported.

The solution

Create an app that will seamlessly guide the user through the whole Green Card process (as much as possible) in an effective, systematic, logical and simple way; without giving the user piles and piles of information, and only pulling the information that they need and how they need it.

App requirements

This mobile app should:

Mobile App Sitemap

Mobile App Sitemap


The following are not High Fidelity prototypes, they are just wireframes since the project was focused more on functionality rather than the actual Composition.

  1. Main Screen of the app, this is going to be the landing page, every time you open the app. I wanted to make it real simple, where just with a few taps you are on your way of using the app.
  2. An about page, about the app, and how can it help the user.
  3. This is the login page, once they got started and input all their information, the user will be able to access the results page again, and see his checklists and other features.

4. I didn’t want to give the user false hope, or assure them, that
this app will save their lives, and although this app might extremely helpful, I wanted to make sure that they understand the scope of the app after they click to get started.

5 & 6. After they agree to the terms and disclaimer, they can input their information, were it will help the app tell them what documentation they need.

7,8,9 & 10. This is the value of the app, the user will have a results page, where it’s going to give him pertinent information about its process, and then it will give them realistic expectations of the app. It will also let check tasks that they need to do, and a timeline where they can track what they have done. The last page is the resources page, where it’s going to contain links to useful websites for the green card journey.

11. Account Menu, with profile picture, that can be customizable, if you click on it, the menu will show and hide.
12. Change the info you put at first when starting the app.
13. Change the password the user chose originally.
14. Set a profile picture of your choice. Not included in the prototype, since it’s not a core feature.
15. Sign out of the application

Building & Testing

TThis prototype was built in Axure RP 8. The reason why I used that software was, that I wanted to learn the tool and because it let me do the wireframe and prototype at the same time. I think it’s a powerful tool and way more robust than InvisionApp. You can find the prototype here.

For testing I decided to test it with friends that have had the experience of going through the Green Card process and with newlyweds that are about to start their green card process. I decided to use test tasks that would be the core goal and functionality of the app, and I also decided to include another one, that would let me see how intuitive and how easy the user could navigate the app.

Final Recommendations

The tests were really helpful. They made me understand how the user thinks, and it made realize that research is key when designing an app. I found out that the app is really straightforward and easy to use, which was the intent. It also made me realize that there might be a better way to design the account menu because that is my users (especially the older ones) had more trouble.

As far as it goes, I think the design should be accepted and tested further because the users used the app really quickly. They were also able to get to the Results page (which is the main goal of the app), without a hassle.

You can find the Final project PDF here.

Beto Carlos

Some random thoughts from Beto Carlos.

Beto Carlos

Some random thoughts from Beto Carlos. His journey in web development and design, along with his achievements and adventures.

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Beto Carlos

Some random thoughts from Beto Carlos. His journey in web development and design, along with his achievements and adventures.