What Procure to Pay (P2P) Transformation Vendors Don’t Tell You?

Every CPO’s main priority is to alter the procurement process from order to payment. However, no two peer-to-peer transformations are alike. According to a McKinsey and University of Oxford study, large IT projects go 45 percent over budget and 7 percent beyond schedule on average, while generating 56 percent less value than expected*. Some people have the ability to jeopardize the entire enterprise.

Every transformation trip is nothing short of an off-road adventure that may be both exciting and difficult. Even more so for programs including Procure to Pay Transformation. As a result, Procurement faces an extra challenge in reinforcing its role as a value creator and strategic leader.

P2P transformation could mean a winning tech stack of process automation, integrated real-time analytics, and consumer-like UX in a cloud-native application with the defacto “digital” prefix. Without a doubt, obtaining this P2P automation bundle is critical; but, success is contingent on selecting the appropriate objectives, selecting the appropriate method, and collaborating with the appropriate P2P Software vendor. Let’s take a closer look at these three unstated but under-discussed aspects of P2P vendor discussions.

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1. Setting the Right Expectations

2. Figuring out the Right Approach

3. Selecting the Right P2P Software Vendor

Visit our website to know more details — https://www.zycus.com/blog/procure-to-pay/p2p-transformation-vendors-checklist.html




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