Is Procurement dead?

by Bertrand Maltaverne

I recently saw a couple of articles and videos (some are below) that are announcing the death or Procurement. They were issued as part of the “Big Ideas Summit” organized by Procurious in May in London.

My first reaction was typical: denial!

Being someone who works in the Procurement world since a couple of years now, I could only disagree with people saying that Procurement would disappear…

Although I do not think that Procurement will disappear, the recent publications I mentioned above made me think about it…

But first, 2 videos announcing the end of Procurement…

Technology will kill Procurement.

Jonathan Betts from Science Warehouse

Procurement will “dissolve” itself.

Peter Smith from

Maybe a “perfect storm”, a combination of both…

To be fair to P. Smith and J. Betts, I believe that they do not announce the end of Procurement but more the end of an era. Procurement will evolve into something new. And they are right. And this is applicable to many other functions too…

It is the end of


as we know it!

In a recent publication, Accenture also predicts it:

“We foresee dramatic change in the procurement organization itself, as it evolves into a new structure featuring procurement professionals embedded within the business and uniquely connected back to a smaller, central, core decision-making team supported by advanced technology.”

Yes, as I wrote in other posts, we live in a disrupted world… and the Procurement function like any “entity” of this world must adapt to survive and has to potentially reinvent itself!

Jeremy Howard:
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Andrew McAfee:
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Procurement Tidbits

Thoughts On Procurement & Procurement Technology; by Bertrand Maltaverne

Bertrand Maltaverne

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Procurement Tidbits

Thoughts On Procurement & Procurement Technology; by Bertrand Maltaverne

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