During the conversation, Jesse shared his thoughts on ‘alerting up’, optics, unlimited grit, VendorOps, Allyson Felix and Pilsner…

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance’s (BVA) mission is to promote the Procurement, organization and its leadership to be a recognised and valuable strategic partner to the business.

During the conversation, Doug shared his thoughts on traceability platforms, commingling, tax laws, impact at scale, polar explorers and espresso martinis!

During the session, Gregor shared his thoughts on digital enablers, strategic procurement, authenticity, first mover advantages, submarines and Duolingo…

Our CEO Lance Younger speaks with Ilya to discuss unstructured data, Silicon Valley, hybrid working and cellos.

Craft.co is set to be the leading provider of supplier insights and supplier intelligence based on the most comprehensive data sources and advanced signals available: that’s where we see Craft’s USP.

We started a little over five years ago in the UK with an observation that there was no way that aggregated, collected and structured data and information you could ever want to know about a company could be available so easily. …

During the conversation, Tom and Natasha shared their thoughts on being a conduit for commerce, long tails, remote-first, Apple Homepad, Lumen and pisco sours.


During the conversation, Heiko shared his thoughts on AI based risk intelligence, self-fuelled engines, closed-loop risk experiences, becoming the go-to brand, Shazam and G&T…

riskmethods’ mission is to enable companies of any size to master supply chain risk, by helping them turn risk into competitive advantage.

During his conversation with our CEO Lance Younger, Vel shared his thoughts on four-day weeks, authenticity, going digital, work-beach-houses, protecting the planet…Disclosure, and HoloLens.

We started Beroe 15 years ago, right out of grad school after my master’s degree under the guidance of Rob Handfield, a professor of supply chain management. We did a lot of work together on procurement and the supply chain. One of them was a large project for a technology company that wanted to understand how they could enter the procurement space.

They set up conversations with 50 chief procurement officers in 2003/2004, and we talked about their fundamental needs. Most of them did not believe that a new procurement technology was needed and had burned their fingers with some…

During a conversation with ProcureTech’s CEO Lance Younger, Alan shared his thoughts on scaling sourcing excellence, agents of change, economic injustices, algorithmic mechanism design, moral obligations…Playing Bigger, Strava and Murphy’s.

During a conversation with ProcureTech’s CEO Lance Younger, Pierre shared thoughts on elevating procurement’s role, single source of truth, product discipline, saying no, listening, challenging, becoming procurement’s operating system … Raspberry Pi and Corpse Reviver 2.

During a conversation with ProcureTech’s CEO Lance Younger, Costas shared his thoughts on supplier experience management, domain expertise, touchless supplier management, relentless focus, growing a business AND a team, trust … Shazam and Penicillin.

Our mission has evolved. It’s been 20 years in the making but I think we’re on an exciting journey now where we’re creating the supplier experience management platform.

There’s a great analogy between HR and the employee where companies now recognise that positive employee experiences create more value because you have happier staff. You can apply the same logic to your suppliers — and this is something we’ve been seeing in the market — so large companies are actively thinking about how they can set their suppliers up to do their best work. …


Digital procurement ideas, insights and intelligence

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