Introducing… The Procurify Engineering Team!

Photobooth image of Procurify’s Engineering Team, used on blog introducing the team.
A few members of our Engineering Team at the 2021 holiday party.

Procurify’s engineering team are the ones responsible for planning, building, testing, and monitoring Procurify’s product. They love solving challenging problems and are dedicated to creating the best, most user-friendly solutions for our customers.

Let’s get to know the team!

Eugene D., Chief Technology Officer

Meet Eugene!

Eugene is curious, ambitious, and humble. He also co-founded Procurify! As CTO, Eugene is responsible for Procurify’s technology strategy and figuring out what’s important to accomplish, and how to go about it.

His favourite part of his role is dealing with new challenges every day and learning from different perspectives about the world of technology. Outside of work, you can find Eugene at the gym doing strength training or tinkering with a hardware project.

Fun fact: Eugene is a foodie and loves keeping up with the latest and greatest restaurants.

Chad M., VP Engineering

Meet Chad!

Chad is outgoing, hardworking, and focused. He leads the software development of Procurify’s web and mobile platform and works with the rest of the engineering team to deliver solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Chad loves solving problems for our customers and creating a great user experience that simplifies spend management, and he loves creating an awesome developer experience and culture where people are excited to come to work every day.

When he’s not working, Chad enjoys outdoor activities such as mountain biking in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Fun fact: Chad coaches two hockey teams and two soccer teams.

Nav A., Staff Engineer

Meet Nav!

Nav is diligent, passionate, and curious. He works with the Platform Team (among other teams) to build platform integrations so customers can use Procurify with their other accounting systems.

The best part of his job is getting to work on solving challenging problems and coming up with the best solutions.

Outside of work, Nav loves to build stuff, whether it’s with computers or with wood.

Fun fact: Nav has a 10-month old son.

Geoffrey H., Senior Engineering Manager

Meet Geof!

Geof is thoughtful, supportive, and determined. Geof leads the team responsible for delivering features for the Procurify Platform. He loves getting to coach and lead a team of talented engineers as they grow in their own roles and leadership.

When he’s not working, Geof enjoys reading books and playing board games with his daughter. He also plays video games.

Fun fact: Geof is originally from Indiana, USA.

Mohamed K., Engineering Manager

Meet Mohamed!

Mohamed is honest, committed, and caring. He is an Engineering Manager on the experience team and works on improving how engineers do their work, how they optimize code, and how they improve delivery processes and agile practices.

He loves helping people improve and achieve their goals and he likes seeing people excited about going to work every day. Mohamed’s hobbies include reading all kinds of books and writing fiction.

Fun fact: Mohamed’s favourite movie is The Matrix. He has seen it over 20 times and it inspired him to double major in computer science and psychology in university.

Anastasiia M., Software Development Engineer

Meet Anastasiia!

Anastasiia is reliable, friendly, and a fast learner. She works on front-end development on the Spending Card Team on the applications that customers use every day. She’s also learning back-end code!

Her favourite part of her job is understanding and solving challenging customer problems and she loves getting to learn different technologies.

When she’s not working, Anastasiia loves learning new things and just relaxing and watching TV. She also enjoys traveling.

Fun fact: Working at Procurify is Anastasiia’s first job in Canada and she found the job on Reddit.

Neil P., Engineering Manager

Meet Neil!

Neil is thoughtful, curious, and passionate. Neil is the manager of the platform teams, which work on building the Procurify Platform and internal infrastructure.

His favourite part of his job is working with his team leads to coordinate efforts, remove blockers, and solve problems.

Outside of work, Neil enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, and eating.

Fun fact: Neil moved the farthest you can get from Vancouver while still being in Canada.

Clara T., Senior Software Engineer

Meet Clara!

Clara is organized, a team-player, animated, and she likes to make stuff. She works closely with designers and backend developers to build new features in React.

The best part of her job is working with a team to build new stuff that people actually like to use.

Outside of work, you can find Clara doing something artistic like painting or drawing. She also likes cooking, camping, and cooking while camping!

Fun fact: When Clara was in Spain, she painted a mural at a yoga retreat centre, worked at a hostel on the Canary Islands, and did building maintenance on a villa outside of Granada.

Anna W., Software Engineer

Meet Anna!

Anna is adventurous, observant, and thoughtful. She is a Frontend Engineer on the Accounts Payable Team and works on discovery and delivery of new features in the Procurify app.

Her favourite part of her job is collaborating with the product designers and other engineers to plan new features and figure out the “why” and the value of the features during the development phase.

When she’s not working, Anna enjoys drawing, digital art, and playing team sports.

Fun fact: Anna is a self-taught developer. She used to work in business operations and logistics in the marine shipping industry.

About Procurify

Procurify is a leading all-in-one spend management solution that helps mission-driven organizations deliver tracking, accountability, and end-to-end workflows for expenses and spending.

We’re always hiring new team members. To find out more about how you can get involved with life at Procurify, visit here:



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