Introducing… The Procurify People & Culture Team!

A few faces on the People and Culture Team

Procurify’s People & Culture Team are responsible for all things related to, well… people and culture! They’re involved in everything, from hiring and onboarding to team engagement and supporting growth.

Let’s get to know the team!

Catherine L., VP People and Culture

Meet Catherine (or Cath)! Cath is the VP of People and Culture at Procurify and has more than 15 years of experience working in human resources. She is responsible for developing culture at Procurify and experimenting with new and unique ways to work (Cath is spearheading initiatives like the four-day workweek, unlimited time off policies, and other work-life harmony programs).

When she’s not working, Cath can be found in the great outdoors snowboarding, ax throwing (yes, ax throwing), or hiking.

Fun fact: Cath is currently building her own home from the ground up!

Trisha G., Talent Acquisition Specialist, GTM & Operations

Meet Trisha! Trisha is honest, confident, and driven. It’s her job to find great people and match them to amazing jobs and opportunities at Procurify. She loves seeing the candidates she hires add value to Procurify and seeing them grow and flourish in their roles.

Outside of work, Trisha enjoys playing with her dog, spinning, and watching Netflix.

Fun fact: Trisha was born and raised in the Philippines.

Emily J., People & Culture Manager

Meet Emily! Emily is motivated, compassionate, and passionate. Her job is managing all things people and culture at Procurify including HR, engagement, and people and culture strategy. Emily’s favorite part of her job is connecting with people and making sure that everyone feels safe and supported at work.

Outside of work, you can find Emily taking pottery classes or walking on the beach with her dog.

Fun fact: Emily has a dog named Bagel and he’s the love of her life!

Sarah J., Talent Acquisition Lead

Meet Sarah! Sarah is positive, energetic, and patient. She leads the small-but-mighty Talent Acquisition Team to support the growth of the business. What Sarah loves most about her job is working in a creative startup culture where she can experiment with things like hiring processes and philosophies.

Outside of work, Sarah likes to watch Korean dramas and Netflix, take walks around the seawall, and she enjoys good food.

Fun fact: Sarah can play six instruments.

Priscilla L., People and Culture Coordinator

Meet Priscilla! Priscilla is empathetic, animated, and driven. She’s the first point of contact for the People Team. She takes care of onboarding, orientation, and administrative tasks such as benefits and compensation. Her favorite part about her job is being able to make a difference by helping others with their career growth.

In her spare time, Priscilla enjoys baking and streaming on Twitch.

Fun fact: Priscilla started her own baking business in 2020.

Maddy S., Talent Acquisition Specialist, Product & Engineering

Meet Maddy! Maddy is resilient, outgoing, and positive. She supports the growth of Procurify’s product and engineering team by collaborating with business leaders, sourcing top talent that live and breathe Procurify’s culture, and building candidate pipelines. The most rewarding part of her job is having the ability to make an impact on someone’s life, or even just making their day by having a friendly conversation during a screen and generating excitement around Procurify opportunities.

When she’s not working, you can find Maddy doing something active outside like hiking or running. She also loves to cook!

Fun fact: Maddy can do the worm!

A people-first culture

Procurify’s People and Culture Team ensures that everyone at Procurify, from the CEO to our co-op students, has a great experience, from the first interview until the last day.

If you ever have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. They’re always happy to help!

About Procurify

Procurify is a leading all-in-one spend management solution that helps mission-driven organizations deliver tracking, accountability, and end-to-end workflows for expenses and spending.

We’re always hiring new team members. To find out more about how you can get involved with life at Procurify, visit here:



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