Introducing…The Sales Team!

Procurify’s sales team not only sells the Procurify Platform to customers, they do so much more than that! They build relationships with clients, they are problem solvers, and they support business growth.

Let’s meet the team!

Faraz L., Director of Sales

Meet Faraz! Faraz is Procurify’s Director of Sales and is responsible for leading the entire sales organization, including inbound, outbound, and expansion teams, and works to solve customers’ largest business problems to drive revenue. The thing Faraz enjoys most about his role is the people. He loves working with a talented, coachable group of individuals and supporting them however he can. Faraz is passionate, curious, and has a people-first mindset. Outside of work Faraz enjoys watching and playing soccer, basketball, going to the gym, and traveling.

Adam A., Account Executive

Meet Adam! Adam is easy-going, patient, and a team player. Adam is an account executive focused on strategic growth. He works with clients to scale up their business and use Procurify as much as possible and help them with general improvements. He loves building relationships with clients and helping them use the system with company growth in mind. He also enjoys collaborating with other Procurify teams.

Some of Adam’s hobbies outside of work include watching movies, climbing and bouldering, and taking care of his plants.

Fun fact: Adam loves adventures! He has gone swimming with whales in French Polynesia!

Chrystie B., Account Executive

This is Chrystie. Chrystie is all about connection, relationships, and passion. Her job as an account executive is to create a great impression and connection, and enjoyable conversation with clients that provides value and insight to the problems that Procurify can help solve for clients. She loves connecting with genuine, authentic connections with customers and learning about different companies.

When she’s not working, Chrystie enjoys good food and beverages. She loves having barbeques with friends when the weather is good!

Fun fact: Chrystie has lived and traveled all over the world including Bulgaria, Australia, Paris, Southeast Asia, and on a cruise ship!

Natalie C., Account Executive

Meet Natalie! Natalie is silly, energetic, and indecisive. She’s a “professional talker” and spends her days talking to people to figure out if there’s an opportunity to help them. The best part of her job is talking to great people and incredible companies all day.

Outside of work, Natalie enjoys any sort of social activity and hanging out with her family and friends.

Fun fact: She’s a relative of an exiled Spanish poet. She’s also very involved in social issues.

Dave M., Sales Manager

This is Dave. He’s approachable, collaborative, and has a great sense of humor. Dave is a sales manager at Procurify and he’s responsible for leading the outbound sales side of the team, which is a fairly new endeavor at Procurify. His favorite part of his job is spending time with everyone, offering his team guidance, leadership, and coaching, and seeing everyone progress in their roles and careers.

When he’s not working, Dave enjoys golf, hockey, and spending time with his family.

Michael M., Sales Manager

Meet Michael! Michael is one of Procurify’s sales managers who leads the sales team. But, he does more than that. Michael works to create an environment where his team can win, be successful, and learn every day. Michael is committed, determined, and he takes work seriously but doesn’t take himself too seriously. His favourite part of his role is getting to see the sales reps help clients solve problems and deliver a solution that transforms our clients’ business. He loves seeing the team win and Procurify win! Outside of work,

Michael enjoys health and fitness activities and he loves driving sports cars around the back roads of the Niagara region!

Fun fact: Michael has been to Australia six times and has been to Dracula’s castle in Transylvania.

Nick P., Solution Consultant Manager

This is Nick. He’s a solution consultant manager, or one of the “tech nerds” on the sales team. He works on scoping out integrations and/or complex workflows so that clients are set up for success. His favourite part of his job is getting to chat with a lot of different people and cool and interesting companies. Three words that best describe Nick are silly, smart, and hungry.

When he’s not working, Nick likes anything with wheels, especially bikes and motorcycles and he’s a big fan of pop culture.

Fun fact: Nick is a certified minister so he officiates weddings from time to time!

Fernando V., Account Executive

Meet Fernando! Fernando is random, curious, and honest. He’s an account executive, or friend, between Procurify and the client. He listens to what clients say, helps with any requests, and helps communicate and bridge the gap between what clients want and need and what Procurify offers. His favorite part of his job is diving deep into learning about different clients’ successes, their teams, what sort of projects they are working on, and finding common ground between them and Procurify.

Outside of work, Fernando loves reading and listening to all kinds of music.

Fun fact: Fernando loves being at the beach!



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