Will someone ever give Jordi Simón a chance?

The 25th of June, 2016. A day none of us can remember. Somewhere in Spain, a 25 year old kid from Catalonia is surrounded by some of the biggest names in pro cycling: Valverde, Ventoso and Sanchez. Up ahead, Mikel Landa and Joaquim Rodríguez have failed to break away from these guys and are now being reeled in.

Jordi Simón Cassulleras decides to try. He succeeds.

He won’t win today, but finishing third in the Spanish national championships has to count for something.

Simón on the right. He’s the one man you don’t recognize on this picture.

Polish pro-continental team VERVA ActiveJet is probably the best team he’s ever ridden on, but he’s 25 and just won outlasted the likes of Valverde. Surely he’s meant for bigger things? Maybe Movistar will make him a domestique, or perhaps another will give him a shot at riding breakaways in a grand tour? Why not? He could probably wear a KoM-jersey for a few days, then honorably finish fifth in a Post-Tour criterium in Belgium.

Will he get to try any of that in 2017?

Of course not. Because he signed a contract with Soul Brasil Pro Cycling Team. A Pro-Continental team that’s not the best team in South America. Hell, they are barely even the best in their native Brazil. It’s not a good team, and unless your hobbies are doping and not racing in the World Tour, you are not going to have a good time.

A brief look back

Maybe I’m just being overly negative. He could be enjoying life right now, and not speculating on what could had been. But maybe he should think what he still could be.

It’s always dangerous to judge a rider based on his younger years, but let me briefly summarize his career:

2007 and 2008: Winning races in the junior category
2010 and 2011: Part of the Caja Rural talent system
2012: Turned pro with Andalucia
2013: Signed with Coleur Bicycles, became Catalonian champion and Vuelta Ciclista a Leon.
2014 and 2015: Rode for Movistar Team Ecuador and won a couple of smaller races.
2016: Pro again with VERVA ActiveJet. No wins.

To summarize my summarization, he can clearly ride on the lower levels. In 2016, he even got a stage top 10 in Catalunya to go along with his bronze medal in the national championships.

Sure, he’s not the next big thing, but he’s 26 now, and I believe he deserves a real shot at the World Tour. It’s only fair.

To follow Jordi on twitter, check him out here: https://twitter.com/jordi_simon_

Otherwise, you should watch the final of the Spanish National Championships: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IR--GxfZdM