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Welcome to an index of the stories I’ve written, and resources compiled on and around Obsidian, the app that describes itself as a “a powerful knowledge base on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.”

Here’s where you will find the complete list of articles I’ve written about Obsidian, each (hopefully) preceded by a brief summary note. They’re listed in order of publication date, so the most recent stories will always be at the top.

Ellane's Obsidian Stories

57 stories

For an on-the-ground update of my Obsidian-flavoured adventures with plain text productivity, check out the Plain Text, Paper-Less Digest.

Plain Text. Paper, Less.

99 stories

Things You Should Know About My Approach

  1. I’m committed to digital self-reliance, and therefore to plain text. Not interested in keeping vital data in apps that could one day lock me out.
  2. I’m striving to balance my desires to simplify my methods and to learn geeky new things.
  3. I’m deeply entrenched in the Apple ecosystem. The principles are the same for all platforms, but you won’t find any Windows or Android gems of wisdom here.

Other Resources

Here’s a list of resources I’ve found helpful. Do you have any other awesome Obsidian goodies bookmarked? Let me know in the comments what they are and why you like them, and I’ll check them out.

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Ellane W

Designer and educational publisher for 30 years+. Plain-text advocate. Still using paper, but less of it. https://linktr.ee/miscellaneplans