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Obsidian: 2022 Index of Resources

A productivity cornucopia of tutorials, tips, and templates

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Ellane's Obsidian Stories

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A typewritten date sits in the center of the screen (“« Wednesday 1 Feb 2023 »”) surrounded by handwritten text. The guillemets = Yesterday, Tomorrow. These lines are especially useful in iA Writer, where navigation isn’t quite as fluid as in Obsidian. Wednesday = “Daily Note”. The number 1 = “Week”. Feb = “Month”. All daily pages are embedded here because I like seeing the entire month on one page. 2023 = “Year”: Goals, Intentions, Record of major events.
A pair of denim clad legs in hiking boots stand on green grass before a river, and snow capped mountains in the distance. A bird is flying toward the mountains.
White page with black and reddish-pink writing and pictures. Top left: cartoon head (Nicole) saying, How I get things done in Obsidian. In the centre is a reddish-pink cloud with white writing inside, saying “Core Principles, a living document.”

Plain Text. Paper, Less.

37 stories

Things You Should Know About My Approach

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A simple graphic displaying this text: Plain text; Paper, less. Welcome aboard.
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Ellane W

Designer and educational publisher for 30 years+. Plain-text advocate. Still using paper, but less of it.